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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about identity politics lately, it’s that the privileged group can never borrow from the identity of the oppressed. That’s why, when Ralph Northam decided to repeatedly show up in blackface back in the 80s, it destroyed his career thirty years later. Elizabeth Warren began the end of her political career, by proving definitively that her legal career was launched with affirmative action fraud, through false claims of native American ancestry. Even when the far more convincing Rachel Dolezal paraded around as a black woman, posting pictures of a fake black father, and going so far as to advance through the ranks of the NAACP, exposure of her fraud resulted in her cataclysmic fall from grace.

That sort of cultural appropriation is completely unacceptable, and no redemption is possible.

Likewise, when the patriarchy decided to put on a wig and sneak into the ladies room, there was such an uproar from the… Oh… Hang on a sec…

That didn’t work out quite the same at all. Did it?

Blackface is 100% completely unacceptable and irredeemable. Ladyface is different.

Ladyface resides at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and mental illness. It runs no risk of being humorous or enjoyable, sterilizes the participants, incurs a coin toss suicide rate, and invariably results in the victimization of children. These are high value traits in a cultural phenomenon to the people who want to destroy mankind, so ladyface is promoted as a protected class, conveniently tacked onto the end of the LGB scheme, just before the catchall Q, and soon to be followed by P.

It stands in contrast to the comedic value and reversibility of blackface, which we remind the listener, is thoughtcrime. Blackface bad. Ladyface good. You’ll need to remember this for the quiz later, after we talk about the Nazi lesbian feminists.

Ladyface, or transgenderism, as these predatory appropriators of culture like to call it, burst onto the scene like no other social justice cause ever had. From the dawn of time until the second term of Barack Obama’s presidency, it was socially acceptable to be skeptical of gay marriage. Ladyface had no such patience. Before Kim Davis could make bail, it seemed every deviant with a makeup budget suddenly had a constitutional right to cop a lean in the ladies room, and saying otherwise was a greater crime than climate denial.

The Intersectional Left has always been a dangerously fragile coalition. Their hatred of the dominant group is all that ever united them, and the incoherence of the doctrines pedaled by their elites was only glued together by the ignorance of their masses. The greatest challenge to such a dynamic is that, once one begins to stitch together a network of inadequate people that large and diverse, some of the participants will inevitably have shortcomings in areas other than intellect, and amongst your teaming masses of fools, sharper minds are bound to emerge and open their troublesome mouths.

We saw this happen with Milo Yiannopoulos, the seemingly lone homosexual capable of realizing that the Islamization of his country would not improve the lot of his dating pool. Not even his Jewish ancestry could protect him from the accusations of being a Nazi. His attempt to speak at University of California Berkeley became a key escalation in the revolution, as black clad anarchists maced women and set fires and smashed humans and windows with clubs, to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars.

But Milo was relatively easy for the Left to destroy. He was, after all, a pale skinned male who stood in opposition to the Democrat Party. Likewise, immigration and the racial connotations of it, were buried so far beneath the pile of subversive lies that few had the courage to speak the truth. The cultural power of the Left is such that most men would rather see their country destroyed, than speak out against their number one power grab.

There was one thing though, which we would not let the Left destroy, and that was our women. Indeed, it was only under the guise of protecting women and girls that so many of the Left’s machinations ever gained any traction at all. The trick to feminism was not so much in convincing women to sterilize themselves and murder their children, but rather convincing men to endorse such a plot to prove their love of the fairer sex.

Ladyface was the wholly predictable result of egalitarian sex propaganda. If men and women are equal, then it necessarily follows that they are interchangeable as well. That might sound okay on the pages of some Marxist text book, but it falls apart once you see a man in a dress trying to blend in with the ladies. “Trans lesbians” in particular stand out as obvious predators, and the violent anger they display when refused access the women they seek to prey upon, only confirms the suspicion.

The ladyface mafia has thus declared war on women, and lesbians. This presents a unique challenge for the Left, since lesbians, being both female and homosexual, ranked quite highly in the progressive rankings of victimhood, until now. The bathroom invaders have declared the lesbians a hate group, indeed, they have been called literal Nazis, for demanding exclusivity.

The lesbians however, have been caught off guard. For many years, they had the cosmopolitan elites dumping money, lawyers, and even violent criminals on anyone who dared resist their advances. They were wholly beyond any criticism until the rootless scum attempted to stick them with the T.

Now, faced with the frightening prospect of compulsory ladyface acceptance, they have turned to the most unlikely of corners for support.

In Baltimore, mayor Catherine Pugh had launched an LGBTQ Commission in the city government in early 2018. Julia Beck, an adult human female homosexual jumped at the opportunity to represent lesbian interests on the commission. She would not last long, however.

Beck described the affair in a piece titled “How I became the most hated lesbian in Baltimore” at AfterEllen.com;

Our very first meeting was in May. To make the commission “as inclusive as possible,” Mayor Pugh invited applicants to a welcoming reception. When I arrived, Ava Pipitone, president of Baltimore’s Transgender Alliance, was preaching everyone’s favorite buzzword: “inclusion.” He seemed a caricature of femininity with overtly demure mannerisms and performative vocal fry. At the end of his prepared speech, Mayor Pugh tenderly embraced him, thanking him for being “so brave” at the podium.

She later describes a “pride parade” where The Baltimore Trans Alliance sponsored a dance called “Queer Qrush”, which advertised that “exclusionary” lesbians would be “hung (sic) by their necks” should they dare to attend.

For pointing out these problems, Beck was removed from her position on the commission, accused of “violence” for calling a male rapist in ladyface “he”, and targeted by the mob.

From here, Beck went on to make unlikely alliances. In January of 2019, she joined a panel at the Heritage Foundation titled “The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left“. There, she gave an impassioned speech about the predatory nature of ladyface and the violence and deception brought to bear against her for speaking out. Just last night, she joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the perils of defending “biological reality”.

Beck joins a growing chorus of Left leaning folk who see this predation for what it is.

Jesse Singal, a Jewish leftist, has been repeatedly accused of being worse than a Nazi by a “big name on the Left” and subjected to “eliminationist” rhetoric by the same. His crime? Questioning the wisdom of pumping pre-pubescent children with cross sex hormones and prepping them for invasive surgery, before their minds are sufficiently developed to make informed decisions about such things.

Meghan Murphy, a contributor to Feminist Current, was permanently banned from Twitter for uttering such hateful phrases as “women aren’t men.” She describes a situation unfolding where she was subjected to threats and harassment by the Left, which Twitter refused to act upon, and finding unlikely support from the Right.

Despite my disinterest in seeing graphic pornography on Twitter and in being called a “TERF c**t” who should “drink bleach,” I accept that this is something I am likely to be exposed to on Twitter, and choose to use the platform anyway. Cruel and graphic comments are things, for better or for worse, I am accustomed to and that, frankly, don’t bother me much at this point. If you are a public figure, you do just get used to this kind of thing.

What is insane to me, though, is that while Twitter knowingly permits graphic pornography and death threats on the platform (I have reported countless violent threats, the vast majority of which have gone unaddressed), they won’t allow me to state very basic facts, such as “men aren’t women.”

As a result of these attempts by Twitter to silence me, the right has leapt to support me, or at least engage with me, and criticize Twitter’s nonsensical, unwritten policies (nowhere in their Terms of Service does it say users may not differentiate between men and women or ask questions about transgender ideology). While the left continues to vilify me, and liberal and mainstream media continue to mostly ignore feminist analysis of gender identity, people like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro (and hundreds of right wingers and free speech advocates online), and right wing media outlets like the Daily Wire and The Blaze have either attempted to speak with me and understand my perspective, expressed support, or covered this undeniably ridiculous decision on the part of Twitter.

Murphy has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for the ban.

Even the Women’s March has not been immune from the predatory ladyface mob. Their pink hats, a symbol of female genitalia, have been declared a hate crime by ladyface impersonators who want their male parts to be accepted as equally feminine.

Donald Trump said it best at a recent rally in El Paso, Texas: “The Democrat Party has never been more outside of the mainstream. They’re becoming the party of socialism,
late term abortion, open borders, and crime”. Once Americans make the connection that Democrats are also the party of ladyface, their political doom will be sealed.

The coalition of the Left has been made up of White women, racial minorities, and sexual deviants. They simply cannot win elections without keeping that motley crew together, but as ladyface threatens women, immigration threatens gays, and their economic time bombs drag down the entire country, those divergent interests become irreconcilable.

It is in the outrageous and disgusting and predatory behavior of the ladyface threat that we see the full folly of Leftist ideology. Egalitarianism is degrading to women, because women have always held a very special status in our society. No amount of hormones, surgery, propaganda, or political pressure will ever bring men to that very special place in our hearts. As women come back to the Right, seeking our protection from this menace, they will find it, and in the comfort of our security they will again come to respect our authority.

So before we are accused of hate speech for stating the obvious, let me extend my most sincere gratitude to these female impersonators. You are the unlikely saviors of this republic, and while you will have no place in its future, our history will no doubt record your vital contribution.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.


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