Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we know that you have a near infinite number of options for your audio entertainment needs. We know that we need to compete for your business, and we’re keenly interested in doing exactly that.

Refund Policy

Should we in any way fail to make you completely satisfied, we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.┬áIf we cannot fix the situation, we’re happy to provide you with a refund.

For merchandise sales, we’ll just ask you to return the product in question within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked, so long as the merchandise has not been damaged by your use of it.

For membership subscriptions, we’ll provide you with a full refund if you request one in the first week of service. If you continue to use the service after the first week, we will provide you with a pro-rated refund, subtracting the time you have already used from the total amount refunded.

If for any reason we terminate your services with us, we will refund the prorated portion of your subscription.

Just contact us, and we’ll happily work with you to make you whole.

User Submitted Content

Outlaw Conservative aims to create a family friendly, safe for work environment. We also allow users to post on forums, make comments on posts, call into the live show, and participate in discussions on various social media platforms which we control. When these two things come into conflict, we will side with the family friendly, safe for work side of the equation.

While we take freedom of speech very seriously, we know from experience that some speech just causes more trouble than it is worth. So we will remove comments that we, in our soul discretion, believe distracts from the discussion, or poses a threat to our business model.

This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Profanity, curse/swear words, or text designed to resemble such language.
  • Any advocacy of illegal violence.
  • Advocacy of cruel and unusual government policy such as torture, or genocide.
  • Though we recognize “Hate Speech” is an often abused and nebulous term, we will not allow derogatory epithets, or incitement against any person or group based on their immutable characteristics. These include, but not limited to, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or nation of origin.
  • Sexually explicit language or imagery.
  • Other shocking or repulsive language or imagery, including but not limited to gore, bodily functions, or violence.

When in doubt, ask yourself these questions

  • Would I say this to my mother?
  • Would I say this to my boss?
  • Would I say this to a judge?
  • Would I say this to a religious leader?

If the answer is “No” you probably should not post it here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of prohibited content. We reserve the right to remove content or users for any reason, or no reason.

How violations will be handled depends on the circumstances. At a minimum, we will remove the content whenever we reasonably can. Repeat offenders will be permanently removed and all future attempts to regain access will result in further bans and countermeasures as technology permits.