Outlaw Conservative S01E045 – Grinch Bloc

Outlaw Conservative S01E045 - Grinch Bloc

There are lots of things to love about Christmas.

For Christians, today is the biggest holiday of the year, marking the birth of their savior. Even for the non-religious, in historically Christian countries, the cultural significance remains substantial. For sane people everywhere, today is, if nothing else, a day to celebrate family, friendship, culture, and yes, commerce.

Then there are the folks who are congenitally incapable of happiness. For them, today is a reminder of how miserable their own existence is, and always will be.

They see others celebrating the Christian faith, and they are thereby compelled to contemplate the comparative meaninglessness of their own lives. They mock religiosity as superstition, and “hate”. Per their habitual practice, this is projection, of course. They believe in things far more ridiculous than virgin births, and resurrection. Holding simultaneous contradicting values such as diversity and equality, renders such types incapable of reason, and the misery this instills in them results in their signature hatred for all that brings joy and peace to mankind.

Every nativity scene must be met with a menorah, and a pentagram, and every cross, with a crescent.

Santa Claus brings joy and wonder to children, and whatever glory he may steal from Jesus, Christians have, for the most part, learned to find a healthy balance. For these crestfallen creatures, however, Santa is just a reminder that their parents were liars.

Even the politically correct “Seasons Greetings” causes conniptions in these malcontents. Climate theology has caused them to see every weather event from blizzards to heatwaves, as proof that the end is nigh. Where you see a “White Christmas” they see only carbon emissions, Greta Thunberg, and Al Gore.

Christmas trees are yet another thorn in their collective side. Where you see a decoration under which to place gifts, they see deforestation, and a reminder of their desire to be reduced to mere animals incapable of impacting the environment.

And of course, those gifts themselves are rather problematic. These types hate to be reminded that they are, in most cases, incapable of adding enough value to the economy to feed themselves, much less producing the sort of excess requisite of gifting. The rich ones are even worse, in many cases, since they are devoid of the emotional capacity to appreciate the spirit of gifting, and this practice simply becomes another math problem for them. It should almost go without saying, that anything which improves the economy they seek to destroy, really just easts them alive, especially if it makes Donald Trump look good.

For a lot of our fellow conservatives, these miserable Left wing pieces of garbage threaten to drag down their enjoyment of the holiday. For us, their misery is just one more thing to be happy about.

This is actually my favorite part of Christmas. Leftists manage to cause so much misery throughout the year, and when this holiday rolls around, they try to ruin it for everyone else. The effort falls flat on Christmas, however, because the collective joy of the population is seemingly impervious to their whining, in contrast to other days. That is, perhaps more than anything, what Leftists hate about Christmas. For 364 days a year, they can ruin somebody’s day, and when they find this to be an insurmountable challenge, they can barely contain themselves.

So, today, we’ll have a good laugh at their expense, going over some of their most ridiculous outrages. From “Baby it’s Cold Outside” to Rudolph’s sexist dad, year after year, Leftists have tried, and failed, to ruin Christmas, and their frustration with this is the most priceless gift of all.

Probably going to be a short episode today, so call in early if you want to get on the air.


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