Outlaw Conservative S01E046 – Narrative Construction

A new year, and a new decade are upon us. As the prior year drew to a close, I confess that the pressure got the best of me. I had to take some time off, to handle a backlog of work which had been piling up, and to regain my composure.

This proved challenging since, amongst other troubling things during that time, the President nearly started a war with Iran, and his impeachment trial began in the United States Senate.

Time for reflection proved useful, however.

One of the things I had to work on was my pro se defense in the Sines v. Kessler suit, pending in the Western District of Virginia Federal Court. The Plaintiffs sought evidentiary sanctions against Eli Mosley, claiming that his failure to comply with their discovery demands constituted clear evidence of the lies upon which the case is based.

My response, which spanned hundreds of pages, and included more than 10 gigabytes of exhibits, refuted this claim. Anybody who has been paying attention knows, that the Plaintiffs have presented the inverse of the truth to the Court. They attacked us, then sued us for attacking them, and time alone limits the provision of proof to this effect. As they have made increasingly outrageous discovery and other demands, it has become obvious that they are desperate, knowing that their fraud will imminently be discovered.

As I was preparing the filing, more proof of this desperation found its way to my inbox. The Plaintiffs issued a notice of intent to issue a subpoena to the proprietors of the Signal encrypted messaging application. I found this humorous, since the Plaintiffs themselves use this application, specifically because the technology is created to prevent the scrutiny of such prying eyes. Signal’s end to end encryption makes it so that even the service provider cannot read the communications it facilitates, much less hand that information over to an intelligence gathering operation parading as civil litigation.

Then it occurred to me, that this was no error brought on by technical incompetence. It was more narrative construction.

The Plaintiffs know they have no case. They knew it before they filed the suit. They have all but confessed as much in public. The frantic demands for information which they know can’t help them, is designed to give the impression that proof of their story lies just beyond their grasp.

We saw the same thing happen during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Democrats piled on countless allegations against the then nominee. As the days wore on, newer and more outrageous allegations came rolling in, and demands for a “full investigation” into foggy memories from decades ago, led to claims that the hearing was being rushed. The proof of their claim became that which they did not know.

As the impeachment trial of Donald Trump has gotten underway, we see it happening again. The House of Representatives rammed through a one sided inquiry, ignored all exculpatory evidence, proceeded as though unaware that their lies were being exposed, and then arrived in the Senate with more questions than answers.

As debate over amendments to the Senate’s trial rules grinded on into the wee hours of the morning, it became obvious that the House impeachment managers were not so much debating the merits of the amendments, as they were stating their opening arguments for the trial. They expected to lose on the motions being debated, and spoke to the television cameras, instead of the people making the decisions they were supposed to be impacting.

Their reliance on sympathetic media was prominently on display, and it occurred to me that they would have gotten away with this just 14 years ago, when Fox News did not exist. Much less anything braver, or any mediums by which less prominent voices might transmit alternative narratives. Absent any opposition media, these fictional narratives would go unchallenged. The populace and the electorate would know only what Adam Schiff wanted them to know.

With that in mind, the censorious efforts we’ve witnessed make a great deal of sense, and their success can be a real black pill.

On the other hand, we can find hope in the dread of our enemies.

Blake Montgomery at the Daily Beast provides a fun example. In a piece titled “Facebook Helped Decimate the Media Industry but Wants Journalists to Do Its Job”, Montgomery laments the consequences of his dwindling credibility, and the consequential diminishment of his reach, and presumably, income.

I sent him an email, mocking his desperation.

I just read your piece whining about Facebook “decimating” the media industry, and failing to delete everything you disagree with. I realize there may be many such posts, so just assume that I am referencing the most recent one.

Speaking as one who has been censored by Facebook, (much to your satisfaction, I’d imagine) I have more reasons than most to complain about that [site’s] content moderation policies. I was actually running a successful business before lying scum “journalists” falsely and maliciously called me a “Nazi” and got me banned from that platform and many others.

You, on the other hand, decided a long time ago that stopping the winds of political change was more important than your own credibility. You decided that your job was not to inform the public, but to stop Donald Trump, and collude with the Democrat Party. You decided to work for one of the worst offenders in this scheme, no less, and even though your competitors are assaulted sued, framed for crimes, slandered, and censored, you still cannot seem to keep up with the times.

For this, you take not one moment to consider your own shortcomings. You do not question, for even a second, if the poor quality of your output might have something to do with your well earned and long overdue failure.

You think Facebook is bad for democracy, but you don’t even know what that means. Perhaps you should go read The Republic, by Plato. Then, contemplate the inevitabilities of democratic government, and specifically, your role in accelerating this inevitable decline. A decline predicted by wiser men than you, so many centuries ago.

What you are really saying, is that things are looking quite grim for the Democrat Party, and for this you blame a website which you spend way too much time on, because that is how you are being informed of this imminent defeat. You beg for this website to cleanse your timeline of the troubling news. You shout, futily, “Lies! All of it lies!” as you beg to not be told of the outcome you have made certain with your own disreputable behavior, and that of your co-conspirators.

You should truly be thankful, in fact, because it is much worse than you know. The material your cabal succeeded in suppressing has not gone away. The truth has not changed, and in due course, it will emerge stronger than you ever thought possible.

The question you need to answer is this:

Where will you hide, on that day?


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