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Outlaw Conservative

The Outlaw Conservative Podcast is a family friendly, live, open phones, conservative talk radio show. Hosted by notorious Right wing shock jock Christopher Cantwell, Outlaw Conservative provides news and analysis in an entertaining format you can listen to at work, or with your kids in the car. At least when you download the edited recording, live shows are by nature unpredictable, but we do our best and edit out any inappropriate calls that slip through.

At the time of this writing, the country is in crisis. Gridlock in Washington has the federal government partially shut down. The President is besieged by domestic hostiles from both parties. The media has gone beyond biased reporting, and descended into outright propaganda. Our courts conjure new “rights” out of thin air, while making our oldest and most cherished ones vanish into the same. Simple observations of reality are considered thought crime.¬†Elected Democrats openly advocate socialism, and call themselves radicals on television.

It’s difficult not to get angry about this. I certainly have. Maintaining one’s composure while his country is in danger, can even seem hazardous to the health of the Nation.

Speaking as one who has given into such impulses, I can say from experience that this will no more improve our political outcomes, than it will our personal and professional lives.

People want to be happy. They want to be comfortable. They want to feel safe. They want to have faith in their institutions, their countrymen, and their futures. They want solutions, not problems.

This being the case, they are unsurprisingly averse to advice from unhappy people. It does not matter in the slightest how right you are, if all you can deliver to the masses is fear and disgust. Voters would sooner follow a soothing voice into bondage and destruction, than to trust a miserable person with their salvation.

So while it makes sense for one to become filled with righteous anger upon realizing how far off course our Nation has strayed, the vigilant Patriot must set those emotions aside, and focus on the task at hand. Extremism, hatred, and violence are vices we simply cannot afford. Endless hours, dollars, tears, and worse, are wasted on ideological rabbit holes, finger pointing, and commiseration. Talented, hard working men, are unable to find a job in a booming economy, because they said the wrong thing online. Others have fallen victim to even more hazardous fates, and arguably for lesser offenses.

Were all of these incurred as the price of a better future than we could otherwise achieve, I would consider them worth it. The very sad truth is, we have accomplished quite the opposite. Our way of life is on the brink, and if we hope to rescue meritocracy, national sovereignty, and the rule of law from the dismal future our rivals have planned, then we must become worthy of emulation.

We must be happy. We must be prosperous. We must live free from fear. We must be willing to make meaningful compromises, and uncomfortable alliances, when those are the only ways to advance important goals. We need healthy families, and meaningful relationships. To have these we must make our women feel so special, that equality feels like a demotion.

Talking about our ideas should bring a smile to our faces. We are the good guys, after all. While our opponents strive to reduce us all to some lowest common denominator out of jealousy or worse, we see the beauty of human achievement, and its limitless potential. They see the market as their oppressor, and the government as their savior, while we view both as our subordinates and benefactors. Our agenda is none so radical as that of our foes. We seek the sort of ordered liberty characteristic of Western civilization. We seek to reduce crime and exploitation in our society. We seek to tame the market so that it uplifts our entire Nation, while allowing individuals within it to reach their full potential.

We have everything to celebrate, save for victory, and if we play our cards right, we’ll have that too.

But first, we need to know the rules of the game.

Rule #1: In a democracy, the bigger team always wins. Alienating the uninitiated with edgy jokes is no more a path to victory than our petty internal squabbles.

Rule #2: There is no glory in defeat. Fighting losing battles just to feel good about yourself is just as bad as forfeiting a battle you could have otherwise won.

Rule #3: Laws can either be obeyed and changed, or broken and enforced. Communists wage revolutions, Republicans impose order.

There are more of course, but those are your survival basics. Join us going forward for more insights, inspiration, and laughter. Follow us on this joyful path to salvation! We air live every Wednesday from 5-7pm Eastern, starting January 16th 2019, with the podcast to be released later each Wednesday evening.

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Author: SurrealPolitiks

3 thoughts on “Outlaw Conservative S01E001 – Introduction

  1. Hear, hear Chris! These three rules that you outline should be made central to any common sense conservative action against the decadent Democrat subversion that seeks to bring about their socialist dystopian vision for the country.

  2. Hear, hear Chris! These three rules that you outline should be made central to any common sense conservative action against the decadent Democrat subversion that seeks to bring about their socialist dystopian vision for the country.

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