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Outlaw Conservative

Welcome to the first live airing of The Outlaw Conservative Podcast, a political talk radio show which, as the name implies, is of a conservative slant. The Outlaw bit might seem to stand in stark contrast to conservatism, and we confess to being amused with ourselves for coming up with it.

Yet, an outlaw is not necessarily a nefarious actor these days. Is he?

In a healthy society, “Outlaw Conservative” would be an outrageous contradiction. Why would a conservative live outside the law? That would seem rather at odds with his more authoritarian tendencies.

Outlaw Conservative
Outlaw Conservative

Fortunately for those conservatives who may be eager to romanticize the outlaw lifestyle, I am not suggesting banditry here, but rather finding oneself in such a state that the law no longer reflects his interests, or those of his people. You might do everything you are told, and yet you are punished by the law itself. You might not find it difficult to imagine a scenario, where one edict after another, be it from the official authorities or the economic powers that be, tear apart your lifestyle and everything that you care about. A scenario where even if you obey, your life is only moderately better off than if you had defied them all, and spent the rest of your days in jail at the expense of the other suckers who still keep trying.

What if our country had descended to a point, where conservatives had to fear for their safety, for being so bold as to express their political opinions in public? What if even the President of the United States was no longer safe from a biased and overzealous criminal justice system? What if one did not accept the edicts of the Supreme Court over the word of their God, and dared to say so at work? What if a man were proud of his country’s history, and defending it became a perilous pursuit?

Today, the most milquetoast of figures on the Right are accused of being literal Nazis, and this branding is no mere failure to understand history. For generations, Americans have been raised to believe that the Nazis were the most evil thing that ever happened in the history of mankind, and would thus justify literally anything to stop it. That is why so many people who have been called Nazis, were so addressed right before they were assaulted by communists on the street. Most of the people who have been so victimized, never read Mein Kampf.

In many cases the authorities, terrified of being called Nazis themselves, prosecute the victims and abet the aggressors.

That kind of situation might just make the Outlaw Conservative a real thing.

What if we lived in a society where it was dangerous to say that men and women are unique and important? What if our government were so unresponsive to the will of voters, that getting stiffed by a politician became a cliche thing to complain about? What if we were legally prohibited from protecting what is ours?

Would that make you an “Outlaw,” fellow conservative? Because I got bad news for you fella, take a look around.

What if you discovered that your society was based on an egregious lie? What if, upon discovery of this fact, you began to realize that people all around you knew the truth, and were repeating the lie anyway, for fear of punishment, or want of reward? What if, as you tried to alert the public, the people you were trying to help cursed you and wished you dead? What if the problem with conspiracy theories was that they had dramatically underestimated the scope of our troubles?

Perhaps then, the space between the lines, the hampster wheel in the glass box, might become unappealing.

I don’t know about you, but I get a kick out of imagining that lifestyle, right? Kinda fetishize it? The righteous rebel, the one with a cause. I am no mild mannered radio personality, I am great man who will go down in the history books for saving his nation with his favorite hobby! Ha! Right?

Wake up every morning, turn on Fox and pull up the Drudge report. Coffee, generic Red Bull knockoff, eggs.  Still no zombie apocalypse, but I’m sure that ammo was a good investment anyway. Speaking of which, I don’t own nearly enough firearms, but only because I don’t believe in that sort of thing.

Have you heard of me? Be honest, because I’ll know if you’re lying.

My name is Christopher Cantwell, and if you’re new to me, this is a fine place for you to start. If you’ve heard about me in the media, you might optimistically have equal parts truth and fiction in your head.

I became interested in politics only after the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001. I just happened to tune into Fox News for the coverage, unaware of the political implications. I thought watching the evening lineup on Fox made me the most well informed guy around, and in many circles, I was right.

Years later, I stumbled upon libertarianism and found myself embarking on a thrilling intellectual pursuit. For several subsequent years I was a pretty well known libertarian blogger and activist.

I got so involved that I ultimately ended up moving to New Hampshire in 2012 to participate in the Free State Project, a libertarian political strategy to geographically concentrate here and influence public policy in a more libertarian direction. Having originally come from Long Island, the freedom and scenery here probably changed my life more than me and my former co conspirators once aimed to change this state.

I once wanted to be an energetic activist aiming to shake things up, and the people of New Hampshire were understandably uninterested in any of that. Things are going relatively good here, in large part, and the last thing anybody wants is a bunch of their fellow White folks showing up from other states and telling them how to organize their laws.

One night I thought myself quite chivalrous to come to the aid of some damsels in distress. Camera ready, I stood across the street from what seemed to be some sort of domestic dispute which, from the tone of the male’s voices, and the tears of one female, I became concerned might turn violent, had it not already done so.

The women took no more kindly to my neighborhood watch than the males whom I presumed to be their assailants. The entire group charged me. I retreated until I could retreat no more. I drew my revolver and ordered them to stay away from me.

Then the cops came and saved my ass, and libertarianism just started sounding dumber by the day after that.

I remember when I was really into libertarianism and I argued with conservatives, they would sometimes say “I used be a libertarian, but then I grew up”. I always thought they were paraphrasing the quote often misattributed to Winston Churchill which goes, “Any man who is not a socialist at age 20 has no heart. Any man who is still a socialist at age 40 has no head.” I thought “dumb conservative, libertarians aren’t socialists,” but that wasn’t what they were getting at.

When I was reluctantly compelled to grow up, I realized that the government actually has a purpose to fill, but since there is no consensus among Americans as to what that purpose is, a staggering number of people just don’t have any solid opinions on the subject. To make matters worse, the people who take the greatest interest in such affairs are complete maniacs. Today it is forbidden to say so many eminently reasonable things, yet fashionable, as we’ve seen with Antifa, to riot in the streets in all black, setting limos on fire and smashing the windows of banks and coffee shops. I remember how the Tea Party was demonized in the media as violent religious fanatics, Nazis even. This was a theme I would see repeated over and over again, slandering anyone who dared to challenge powers that be.

I became genuinely afraid of the direction in which our country was headed. I knew I had to do something about it, but I wasn’t sure what. All I knew was that the status quo was going to lead to catastrophe, and the only way to meaningfully alter such a radical course, is to alter it radically. So I began my journey into extremist political groups of varying stripes. This was a thrilling pursuit, which I would like to tell you a bit about.

This is not my first time in front of a microphone, which my talent should make obvious. Seeing the destructive influence of the mainstream media, I became convinced that the Internet, and independent media would be vital to our salvation. So as I explored and emersed myself in radical ideas, I found various ways of communicating them to others. Before Outlaw Conservative, there was the Radical Agenda, and before that, Some Garbage Podcast.

Some Garbage Podcast was a self deprecating, libertarian oriented, comedy talk show I did a few dozen episodes of. Toward the end of that brand in 2015, I had a guest by the name of Walter Williams. Walter is a professor of economics and syndicated columnist, who happens to be black. Though I far more valued his contributions to economics than anything to do with race myself, he was a race appropriate commentator at a time when political correctness was starting to really bother me.

Walter has a video on YouTube titled “How much can discrimination explain?” The conclusion he reaches is, not much. In fact, Walter thinks a lot of the problems we face in terms of demographic disparities, are being exacerbated by public policies supposedly aimed at eliminating them. To make matters worse, the failure of those programs to achieve their egalitarian goals, never seems to dissuade anyone from their merits, and these toxic influences are only added to with each passing year.

To fix this problem, Walter said “White people will have to show some backbone, and courage, and, not fear, being called a racist”.

Well, this seemed right up my ally. I was the host of a comedy podcast, this is really taboo material that everyone else is afraid to do, and I’ve been called a racist for years just because I think people should pay for their own health care so, how much worse can it get?

I also felt kind of dumb introducing Walter onto Some Garbage Podcast, because he is a guy who I really respect and he was one of if not the most high profile guests I had ever had. Introducing him onto something with “Garbage” in the name just seemed insulting and I determined to improve my production.

Thus the Radical Agenda was born. The show started off very libertarian, but as radical feminism infected the movement, then finding its way into things that actually mattered, I began to see the entire spectrum of Leftist thought to be devoid of value at best, and pure evil at the far more frequently occurring worst. I began reading radical Leftist material on the Internet and becoming convinced that their aims were none so noble as the love and tolerance they command of us. These were not the misguided plans of well intentioned fools, these were step by step instructions for the total dismemberment of civilization, any civilization. Implement this program for any group of human beings and watch the graveyards fill. That program was communism, and once I fully understood their designs, I knew that they had to be stopped at all costs.

Now, libertarians will tell you they oppose communism. They oppose communism so much, that they once stayed up all night trying to convert some communist into a libertarian. “He’s still got a way to go of course, but he’ll get there” your libertarian friend assures you. But that truly is the extent of it. Even if everything libertarians say about how a “pure free market” could theoretically look were true, you’ve either got to impose that order on the population somehow, or convince more than your chess club of your economic brilliance. The libertarians were neither willing to do, nor capable of doing, either.

Meanwhile, communists are taking over our government, and using that power to teach our kids the opposite of all that is true, to deplete us of resources, and to reduce our birthrates and lifespans. Before they’ve even finished killing us off, they bring in the replacement population, and tell us we’re monsters for resenting them. Once I discovered this, I became filled with a righteous anger, and it got the better of me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and offended a lot of people who deserved to be treated with more respect. I regret a lot of the decisions that I’ve made, but I cannot say I would have done any different given the same information I had at each step along the path.

I’ve only recently begun to regain my composure, and I will do my best to maintain it during the course of this production, but this is not a problem that can be prevented or addressed through debating economics with spies and criminals. Communists are not interested in reasoning. They get what they want unless they are stopped, and woe to the man who tries to stop them and fails, believe me I know. Unfortunately, the staunchest intellectual defenders of the free market, are all to frequently willing to let power slip from their grasp, and wind up in the hands of communists.

This is the purpose of government, for us conservatives. We don’t ask our government for much, though we are willing to give it our obedience, our incomes, our lives, and even those of our sons. All we really ask is for it to keep communism and other destructive forces at bay, and so long as our rulers can handle that task, there is no price we will not pay for the service. The catch is, you need more than military force to fight communism.

For good reason, you and I tend to prefer the sort of market order which most would describe as a free market. The discipline of failure is an essential element of the human condition, and if economic consequences are not visited upon bad behavior, that bad behavior persists, and spreads, until no public policy can obfuscate the damage being done, and catastrophe ensues. For all of my life, I’ve watched one failed government program after another pervert economic incentives much to the detriment of you and I.

But what if you found out that those government programs weren’t failing? What if all these negative consequences which you and I have witnessed over the decades, were by design? What if we could intelligently organize economic policy to the benefit of the country, and the people who have been in charge were doing the opposite, on purpose?

This, I suspect, is actually the case. Our political discourse in the economic realm is thus rather precarious. On one side, Democrats want to impose dangerous and destructive economic programs. On the other, Republicans, devoted to Randian free market superstition, await the invisible hand to answer their prayers. Put differently, Democrats wield all of the power, even when our fellow Republicans hold all of the offices. Economic policy moves eternally leftward, and the most our party seems capable of doing is reducing the pace of change, but never reversing it, or altering the trajectory.

Democrat economic policy, as I imagine you’re already aware, punishes success, and rewards failure. It subsidizes and multiplies the most degenerate and dysgenic elements of our society, at our expense, feeding the cultural elements of the communist takeover. All around you the culture war wages on, and that culture war, whether anybody realizes it or not, is the prelude to martial conflict and revolution. You might think liberals are stupid people, and you can find an abundance of evidence for this view, but believe me fella, smart people filled those stupid heads with the cancerous ideas they are mumbling about on MSNBC.

The chaos you see overtaking your society was carefully designed by cunning predators. You are witnessing the very late stages of something so dangerous, that most dare not even speak its name. Your country is dying before your eyes, and as Ronald Reagan warned us “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.”

We are not going to let slip from our grasp the way of life which prior generations laid down their lives to defend. We are not going to hand our country to lesser men, for fear of being criticized. If our institutions are captured by communists and freedom and truth are outlawed, then Outlaws we shall be, but not for long. Because more than any constitution or economic system, what made this country the powerhouse it became was the quality of the men who built it. The wisdom of our leaders, the genius of our creators, the bravery of our soldiers, the dedication of our workers, and the tenderness of our women. These are the things which brought us to greatness, and so long as that greatness courses through our veins our enemies shall not know security.

So welcome to the ranks of the Restless Right, fellow Outlaws. I hope you enjoy the show, and I invite you to join us for the live broadcast, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.  808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to chime in, and it would be my honor to speak with you today.

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