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Christmas was over a month ago, but with snow on the ground here in the Granite State, and Democrats dropping gifts on conservatives daily, we here at the Outlaw Conservative feel like breaking out the egg nog and celebrating.

Since the age requirement of presidential candidates is one of few articles of our constitution the Left has not yet managed to subvert, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will not be running for President next year. In her stead, Kamala Harris has taken up the banner for the diversity first wing of the Democrat Party. Like Cortez, she builds upon this coalition by appealing to the economically illiterate.

Her “Medicare for all” proposal sounds good on its face to the uninitiated. “Free health care” is a literal no brainer. If you don’t think about it, it’s fantastic. Everybody likes free stuff, and it’s hard to think of anything more valuable than lifesaving medicine produced and practiced by the greatest minds the world has to offer.

Best of all, the socialism of Cortez and Harris isn’t that racist socialism of those icky “National” socialists. No walls for them, and certainly no KKK-esque ICE agents deporting illegal immigrants who walk across that wide open space that used to delineate American sovereignty, back in the bad ole days. Medicare for all is something they take literally, no discrimination whatsoever. If you walk into a doctor’s office within any territorial jurisdiction they control, you can get everything from abortion to euthanasia from the benevolent hand of the State. No questions asked, no payments required.

Fortunately for Democrats, our immigration, economic, and social policies for the last half century have produced an abundance of no brainer types. Indeed, Vox’s Dylan Scott describes the Medicare for all plan as the Democrat Party’s “litmus test” for 2020. The Party of Poverty loves them some dummies, and when they run short domestically, they aim for imports, hence the abhorrence of immigration enforcement.

It seems exceedingly unlikely that anyone is going to have a chance of winning a Democrat primary without this pie in the sky promise. If you want to be the Democrat Party’s nominee for president, you’ll have to go for the lowest common denominator. This isn’t limited to Cortez and Harris. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg, and many others have supported the proposal.

Then again, the party of Political Correctness might want to consider just how correct this works out to be, in the politics beyond the primary. Some savvy folks who understand the rules of the democracy game decided to ask the American people what they thought. When given a simple question like “Do you want free health care” they of course tend to say yes. Tell them that it would eliminate private insurance, drive taxes through the roof, and cause all manner of other problems, and they reconsider.

Moreover, not all Democrats are inner city poors. Some actually work for a living, and others are wealthy elites, rootless cosmopolitan types without much loyalty to a country, much less a party. Wealthy, White presenting billionaires like Mike Bloomberg and Howard Schultz are none too enthused about the proposal. They, rightly, point out that it would bankrupt the country, and that our existing debt burden threatens the security of the Nation as it stands. Elizabeth Warren’s “ultra millionaire’s tax” on wealth, would chase capital out of this country faster than a New York feminist can drive a spike through a third trimester fetal skull. Combine all that with open borders and even Bernie Sanders breaks out the calculator.

Enter Howard Schultz. If you had told me five years ago that this lifelong Democrat and former Starbucks CEO would be the savior of this country, I’d have laughed at you. Yet, here we find ourselves with the very real prospect of him being indicted by Robert Mueller on campaign finance violations for giving the Trump campaign something truly priceless.

Not only is Schultz calling out the economic insanity of both parties, he’s plotting to run as a center left independent. A Democratic Ross Perot. The perfect middle ground for self loathing middle class American Citizens who think it sinful to vote for Trump, but don’t want their country destroyed by the far Left. He gives those soon to be former Democrats the perfect excuse to walk out of that voting booth with their heads held high knowing that they are neither racists nor idiots, a rare opportunity indeed.

Trump says Schultz lacks the guts, and though many suspect he’s just egging the guy on, it would be a brave move indeed. Those who oppose the Left’s pernicious pursuit of plenary and perpetual political power, tend to find themselves in the crosshairs of nefarious types. His ethnic background is unlikely to protect him from the accusation of being a Nazi, and Nazis often find their medical expenses piling up at the hands of masked anarchists immune from prosecution.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years, fellow outlaws. It’s getting ugly out there, no doubt, but methinks the intersectional Left is about to meet some challenges in keeping their rainbow coalition together as the pressure mounts. The Democrat strategy of wiping out the middle class in favor of the ultra rich and ultra poor was bound to see interests diverge at some point. Beyond the class divides, the women’s march got accused of anti-Semitism for their embrace of Louis Farrakhan, feminists are in revolt against transgenderism, immigration is negatively impacting the wages and employment prospects of African Americans, and if you thought it was bad politics to attack ethnic minorities, it’s even dumber to attack the ethnic majority.

Meanwhile, whatever the countless flaws of the GOP, there’s no question among us as to who we view as the least of the evils. Trump may have caved on the government shutdown, but that’s what happens when you play chicken with the Left. Their entire program is the destruction of this country, and shooting hostages is their hobby.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.


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