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It has been quite a week since we last spoke, fellow outlaws. The communists have devised a biological weapon which took me out of commission over the weekend, rendering me incapable of doing my uncensored production on Monday. Either that, or I caught the flu. I am inclined to believe the latter, but I have learned from my study of our enemy that one should never attribute to chance, that which can be explained by treason.

In either case, I am back to about 80% of my power level today, and I am glad to have the chance to speak with you. Last we spoke, I brought to you a recording from the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia. An enemy stronghold which held me captive for eleven months, and to this day holds some of our best men as prisoners of this war. On that recording, you heard our ruthless and terrible foe advocate the murder of infants, and by this I do not mean the routine slaughter our federal government subsidizes to the tune of half a billion dollars a year, but rather the celebratory rise of a new frontier in depravity.

As they did in New York, our foe sought to legalize unlimited abortion, right up until the moment of birth. A practice so barbaric, that even as the mother was in labor, and the only medically advisable thing to do would be to deliver a live baby, the adherents of this monstrous death cult would pierce the child’s skull with a scissor just before it had the chance to breathe the same air as you and I, depriving it of the opportunity to scream for the help it was entitled to by the laws of both God and Man.

That measure, we can be thankful, failed in committee. Indeed we must be thankful that it failed there, because had it made its way to the governor’s desk, it would certainly have become law. What I failed to deliver to you last Wednesday, before we ran out of time, was something even more horrible than what I have here described thus far. The Democrat governor of that Commonwealth, Ralph Northam, a former pediatric neurologist, went still further in a subsequent radio interview. In that interview, he declared it would be acceptable to kill the child even after it had been born.

Now, I understand that reasonable people can debate the subject of abortion. There are those who make a convincing argument that our demographic problems in the United States would be exponentially worse were this practice pushed underground. Morality, much as I would like to think of it as firm and constant, is not universally agreed upon, and there are worthwhile distinctions to be made between “us” and “them”.

Yet I shiver to think, that as a woman was in labor, having second thoughts at the last moment, that she might cry out “No! Make it stop!” and a responsible physician would say anything other than “It’s going to be okay, Momma! Your son or daughter will be here any second and you’re going to be so proud!” That instead, some anti-human ghoul with a scalpel would gleefully pierce that child’s brain, and deliver a murder victim instead of a healthy child. Or worse, as Governor Northam described, that a healthy child would be delivered, kept comfortable, and then, after a deliberation of the adults in the room, they would decide whether that healthy child would live or die.

In a society which would even contemplate legalizing such barbarism, what choice have we but to become outlaws? If that’s the law, then make a criminal out of me. If that is what you call the liberation of women, then let me proudly bear the label of patriarchal oppressor. Surely freedom is a small price to pay, for a woman to never know the guilt of her womb becoming a crime scene.

Now, you might assume from what I’ve said here that Governor Northam’s career would be ended by such a horrifying reveal, and indeed it does appear that Mr. Northam has lost the support of his own party. Sadly though, it was not his bloodlust for newborns which incurred this penalty.

On the first day of Black History Month, BigLeaguePolitics.com revealed a page from the Governor’s 1984 medical school yearbook, which contained a photo of two men. One of the men wore a KKK hood, the other had his face darkened by makeup. For this supposedly “racist” display, the Democrats quickly drew their shivs, and went in for the kill. At long last, the Left’s race war abandoned its partisan roots. We pause here to remind the reader that this actually happened, and the 1984 reference is purely coincidental.

Northam quickly acknowledged his decision to appear in the photo, and apologized for it in a video statement released via Twitter. When CNN aired the apology, they “mistakenly” identified Northam as a Republican. No fake news here, move on, citizen.

But when this failed to appease the mob, Northam reversed course, now insisting that he had not been in this particular racist photo. He explained that his confusion stemmed from yet another day when he donned shoe polish upon his face, to participate in a dance contest dressed as Michael Jackson who, in 1984, was still black.

But even this lie would not quell the racial rebellion which had to this point in time been reserved strictly for Republicans. Northam, shocked by the seething hatred coming from his own party, refused to resign his post. In his own mind, he was an ally of the mob. He had, after all, endorsed a baseless allegation of racism against his opponent Ed Gillespie in the general election, which won him the office from which he was now expected to resign. Surely he cursed the poor training of this pets, who had now so savagely turned on him.

One of those pets was his own Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax. Fairfax, a black man himself, stopped short of calling for the Governor’s resignation. He played it cool, awaiting instead the mob’s vengeance to bring him his imminent promotion. Yet, the impossible and contradictory virtue standards of the Left quickly seized upon him as well.

A woman named Vanessa Tyson alleges that Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Tyson had brought her survival story to the Washington Post but, in stark contrast to their coverage of Brett Kavanaugh, the Post let the story “die in darkness”.

Fairfax denies the allegation, saying that though the encounter did in fact occur, it was consensual. This matters not, of course, because “We believe survivors” is the new mantra of the Left. Evidence matters not, only accusations, because all men are guilty of rape by virtue of their masculinity, which is by definition toxic. Recall the “Smash Racism DC” mob confronting Ted Cruz at a restaurant, chanting exactly this. Recall Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, and Kirsten Gillibrand all saying that they believed Christine Ford, even in the face of exculpatory evidence, just because she was a so called “survivor”.

To say the least, it will be interesting to see how these supposed standards hold up, now that the accused is a black Democrat. One suspects that the Keith Ellison standard will prevail over the Brett Kavanaugh standard.

And then, just last night, God Emperor Trump gave his State of the Union address. The speech had been postponed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a political tactic during the government shutdown. Now, having gotten Trump to fold before the food stamp riots ensued, Nancy invited the President to give his address.

Democrat women dressed in all white, and refused to stand during moments which brought others to their feet. Moments like record low black unemployment, protecting newborn infants from murder, honoring veterans, infrastructure spending, and even paid family leave. They certainly did not appreciate Trump’s pledge that America would never become a socialist country.

One thing they did all cheer for, that the entire body stood and cheered for, was women’s record participation in our labor force, and in our government. If anything makes me doubt the sincerity of our president, it is this. He watches Tucker Carlson. He knows what this feminist plague has done to our birthrates.

It is this slavish dedication to the false god of egalitarianism that has caused our citizenry to stop replacing itself. It is this failure to reproduce which Democrats credit with their diabolical immigration policy. President Trump knows this, and yet he cheers on this insanity, as the one point those who have pledged to destroy him enthusiastically endorse.

The seeds of our destruction have been sown, watered, fertilized, and sprouted. They have been nurtured, and grown, and now comes time for the harvest. In the halls of our Congress, the men and women we elected to guide our nation to prosperity, stand and cheer loudly for the very thing which makes our demise most certain. The Left tells us that our men are wicked, and then tells our women to behave like us. Our leaders, whether convinced by the lies or in on the plot, rise to their feet and cheer for this savagery.

The state of our Union, fellow outlaws, is not strong. It is long dead, and in the late stages of decay. The political bonds which have connected us to our countrymen have long been dissolved, and if we are to survive at all, we must assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle us.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.

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