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You’ve probably heard, and were likely less than surprised to find out, that Jussie Smollett is a liar. The gay, black, Jewish, actor reported an alleged “hate crime” against himself last month, claiming that two Trump supporters in MAGA hats shouted racist and anti-gay slurs while they assaulted him, tied a noose around his neck, and doused him with bleach.

Those of us who aren’t communist agitators complicit in the plot to destroy this country, knew the story was a lie from the beginning. “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY N-WORD F-WORD!” is not something you hear Trump supporters say. Something that stupid could only come from the mind of a Leftist. It is a caricature of the people of this country, conjured in the sheltered and privileged minds of the cosmopolitan elites, clustered in their safe spaces of Hollywood, New York, and Washington.

For them, it doesn’t really matter what actually happened. Jussie Smollett didn’t need to be factually accurate, he was “morally right” to borrow a phrase from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. He didn’t “lie” he just told “his truth” which in the twisted minds of Leftists, can be different from objective reality. They believe Jussie, just like they believed Christine Blasey Ford, and Julie Swetnick, and Nathan Phillips. Not because their stories were even remotely credible, but because it provides them with much need justification for their own hatred and bad behavior.

They lie, cheat and steal. They set fires, and attack people in the streets. They riot, violate campaign finance law, and generally operate by the rules of warfare and espionage. This sort of behavior is very clearly criminal and disreputable, so a very difficult balancing act must take place if one is to paint the perpetrators as virtuous. Thusly, in typical “cry out as he strikes you” fashion, they stage these hoaxes on a regular basis, and exaggerate any incidents which may actually take place involving those with right of center political views.

Peter Hasson at the Daily Caller lists 21 confirmed hate crime hoaxes “in the age of Trump”. Back in 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos pointed out a hundred hate crime hoaxes over the last decade. Laird Wilcox, author of “Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America” said college campuses have become the perfect incubator for fake hate crimes. “This isn’t just my opinion. This is widely recognized now. I would say now 80 percent of the events that happen on campus are hoaxes or pranks,” he said.

These aren’t just misunderstandings, mind you. Though many might be quick to sum this up to a few bad actors or clashes of perception, the malice becomes obvious in the coverup.

After it became obvious that Smollett had staged the whole thing and was wanted for questioning by police, Facebook censored news coverage calling out the hoax. A meme of the Scooby Doo kids pulling the mask off a culprit to reveal Smollett’s face was also banned by Facebook. We can be certain that thousands of such posts were deleted, by people who do not have the voice to make their complaints heard, and that’s really the whole point.

Facebook reversed their decision on Rod Dreher’s piece at the American Conservative, calling it a mistake. Interestingly, these mistakes NEVER seem to happen to left wing pages, but that’s just because they aren’t mistakes at all.

Smollett getting caught in his hoax was a mere setback for the Left. The truth was interfering with the higher goal of maligning their political opponents, so they deleted it.

How many times have they been successful in censoring the truth? How many of these scams are accepted as truth today? How many more of these hoaxes need to be discovered before people decide to find out for themselves what actually happened in Charlottesville?

Perhaps more importantly, how long can a major political party and its cooperative media allies, base their entire political worldview and strategy on lies, before the people they’re lying to force them to stop?

The Democrat Party is basing their 2020 hopes on a “Green New Deal” that every serious economist knows would destroy the US economy. They are promising free health care, free college, and free cash. They are seriously expecting you to believe that life will improve for all of us if we just stop enforcing immigration laws altogether. They want to take your guns, stifle your speech, and con your wives and daughters into murdering their babies. They want to legalize drugs, and ban straws.

Their platform is every bit as much a scam as the Jussie Smollett hoax, and it is perpetrated for much the same reason. When will they become the subject of a defamation suit? When will they be charged with filing a false report? Never. Not under current law, anyway.

We elected Donald Trump thinking that he would take these criminals on, but that hasn’t materialized at all. Paul Ryan let him get some tax cuts in, then left the border wall for the Democrats to figure out. Brilliant strategy on the part of the former Speaker.

Since then the priorities of the Trump administration have been fighting wars on behalf of Israel, freeing thousands of convicted felons under the guise of “prison reform”, and now a push to decriminalize homosexuality in other countries.

That’s a fine strategy for weakening an opponent, but have we really not interfered enough in the affairs of other nations?

We are in a lot of trouble folks, and I really cannot overstate this. Next year, one of three things will happen: A. Republicans retake the house and have a chance to do something positive, which they’ll most likely squander. B. Democrats regain control over the federal government and fast track our destruction. or C. The government remains split and nothing good gets accomplished for at least two more years. If another government shutdown results in non-payment of food stamps, then you won’t have to wait long for the riots. Oh, nevermind, riots have been a regular feature of our existence since Michael Brown went for Darren Wilson’s gun.

I had a conversation with a guy on Monday, who thinks that civil war is inevitable, and even desirable. I’m willing to entertain that possibility. Like many Americans, I sort of fetishize the American revolution. I am a firearms enthusiast. Sometimes in the course of human events, these things must happen.

Seems to me like foreign interests control our government, and not even elected representatives can mention those foreign influences. An invasion is taking place before our eyes, and when the president tries to stop it, 16 states and the ACLU tie him up in court. Andrew McCabe tried to plot a coup with Rod Rosenstein, and neither one of them are in prison. Our national debt is definitely not going to be paid off, which means economic collapse is inevitable at some point.

It’s easier to make the case for rebellion than it is to make the case for calm, at this point.

That is, unless you think things through. Making the Right wing case for civil war is sort of like like the Green New Deal for the Left, in that it ignores the actual possibility of success. It is an aspirational goal to be powered entirely by good intentions until some currently unforeseeable circumstance changes, clearing the path to victory. Meanwhile, everyone in proximity to the conversation gets put on a watch list, which no doubt becomes the kill list when the first shots are fired.

Moreover, if war and collapse are truly in the interests of the Right, then why is the Left trying so hard to bring them about? Antifa and Black Lives Matter are militant groups which have been given license to attack people in the street, and plot revolution in public. The people we’d presumably be trying to overthrow don’t seem to mind their violence. The Cloward & Piven strategy of overloading our welfare rolls to purposely collapse the economy, was not the product of a Right wing podcast, but rather a plot by devout communists who wanted to destroy our country. The entirety of our media industry descends immediately on any story of Right wing violence, no matter how obviously fake. If civil war is the answer to our problems, then our enemies are going to bring about that solution even if we do nothing.

Luckily, we’re not do nothing types.



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