Outlaw Conservative S01E014 – Fire

Outlaw Conservative

This is usually a live, open phones show. But today, I will be releasing this pre-recorded message only, due to some personal matters I need to address. I’ll be back to doing live shows next week.

When Donald J. Trump won the electoral college, and became President of the United States, Leftists launched an investigation that went on for two years claiming he “colluded” with the Russian government to steal the election. During that two years, media hyped his impeachment and imprisonment non-stop, and Democrats obstructed his administration, denying the legitimacy of his presidency.  When the investigation exonerated him, they simply continued the lie, insisting upon all manner of ridiculousness to justify their ongoing atrocious behavior.

In contrast, when the Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, consecrated to the Virgin Mary, which took a hundred years to build, and has stood for over 800 years – burned, the fire was not even extinguished before investigators concluded there was no sign of arson. Forget that a dozen Catholic Churches were set ablaze in France during a one week period of the prior month. Forget that the alarm was raised 23 minutes before any sign of fire. Forget that ISIS has celebrated the blaze as “retribution”. Forget that the priceless treasures housed within were miraculously rescued before being destroyed.

This is an open and shut case, and if you question it, you’re a racist conspiracy nut.

Now, I don’t know what caused this fire. What I do know is, if a mosque had burned, we would be hearing about hate crimes the entire day. Whatever investigators determined the fire was the result of some kind of accident, would soon find themselves accused of being white supremacists engaged in a cover up. Legislative hearings the world over would credit the blaze to the global threat of White Nationalism. Donald Trump would of course be held personally responsible.

But since this was merely a timeless monument to Christendom, we simply mourn the tragic accident and thank God that no lives were lost. We celebrate the miraculous recovery of the artifacts contained within. We pledge to rebuild, and for now, ignore the inevitable injection of Leftist political narratives into the new construction.

Over 460 million Euros have already been raised to rebuild the structure, but this is not the sort of thing one simply replaces. It would be fascinating to see the surnames of those who contributed, and remark about the decidedly unChristian sounds of many of those names. When the time to rebuild comes, we can surely expect it to become a monument to multicultural diversity. Perhaps a minaret to replace the spire, a Star of David and a Crescent Moon to sit beside the crosses, reminding all who visit of Christianity’s decline and inevitable replacement.

Nothing suspicious here, no. You are just a conspiracy theorist, and a racist. Shut up. Or Else.


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