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This morning I finished reading Michael Malice’s new book “The New Right“, for which I had been interviewed, and earned the coveted space of being the last “New Right” figure featured before the concluding chapter. I’ll provide more commentary on that next week, as the book deserves a more thoughtful response than I’ll be able to come up with before showtime today, and because it will necessarily involve commentary unfit for the Outlaw Conservative podcast.

For now I’ll say that the book is a very good read. I haven’t been that glued to a book since I was in solitary confinement back in Virginia. Malice also provides some valuable perspective, which was interesting given his ethnic background, and the subject matter being addressed.

One topic worth discussing here is the concept of Narrative, which comes up repeatedly throughout the text. What Malice sees as amongst the most crucial functions of the New Right – in which he includes both the so called “Alt Lite” and “Alt Right” – is our attacks on the “Cathedral” and it’s pervasive control over the Narrative.

Referring to the Left in religious terms is likely a familiar concept to many Outlaw Conservative listeners. Their ideas are certainly not based in anything resembling the nature of the human condition, and often seem aimed at accomplishing something in a parallel universe at the expense of this one. The Cathedral is a term coined by Mencius Moldbug of Unqualified Reservations, to describe the system of how consent is manufactured. Ideas flow out from the universities, and into the media, and public schools, and eventually “they become our old friend, ‘public opinion.'”

Depending on the minute you ask me the question, my outlook for the future might be hopelessly grim, or nauseatingly positive, and it can change that dramatically from one minute to the next. In my hopeful moments, I see this system collapsing on itself, as the ideas of the Cathedral become so hopelessly detached from those of the people whose lives they are destroying, that the system loses its power to dictate narratives.

There is a lot of handwringing in conservative circles about how we abandoned the universities, and how this has allowed the Left to have the obscene cultural influence they wield over us today. There are good reasons to voice such concerns of course, but there does exist a potential upside. As the professors ceased to find anyone to challenge their ideas, save for the students, and they used their power over the students to crush even that dissent, they completely lost touch with the rest of the society. This in turn caused the media to do the same, and just as social media began to expose them to the much needed criticism that causes one to contemplate one’s course, the social media platforms banned all those who contradicted the increasingly out of touch narratives, permitting them to become ever more out of touch.

This could easily spell disaster in the very near future, to the extent it will influence upcoming elections in favor of the Cathedral’s dutiful servants in government. Should we survive that just a little bit longer though, it is difficult to imagine these people being taken seriously for long after that. Insisting that there is no crisis at our Southern border, that men can get pregnant, and that the President of the United States with all his Jewish inlaws is a not-so-secret Nazi and simultaneous agent of the Kremlin, then lashing out with violence and deception at anyone who dares disagree, does incredible damage to one’s credibility in the eyes of the sane.

A British-American philosopher by the name of Alan Watts once said “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So he loses touch with Reality, and lives in a world of illusion.”

This describes perfectly the state of the Cathedral today. As they became convinced of their own elite status, and the superiority of their own minds over even the physical universe and their own biology, they walled themselves off from all criticism, got stuck in their own heads, and went crazy. This is precisely why so many civil rights groups view solitary confinement as a form of torture, a position I can sympathize with after spending over a month in such a box. Their ideas have become so completely absurd, that even the children they have inducted into their public schools have trouble believing them, and they are, as a direct result, losing their ability to dictate what constitutes acceptable opinion.

They can feel this power slipping from their grasp, and the anxiety of this only accelerates the decline of their faculties. They have become incapable of communicating with the people they hope to control, and view all deviations from their desired course as some kind of unnatural intrusion upon their divine edict to rule over us. They try to stamp it out with force and deception, only to realize this perceived pestilence is steeped into the foundation and the beams, it permeates the air, clouds the drinking water, and has taken up all the prime real estate in the minds of their once loyal subjects.

Suddenly, they can no longer decide what constitutes “Normal”, because they are the oddity.

With this fresh in my mind, I was brought to side splitting laughter by a piece in the LA Times by Doyle McManus titled. “Joe Biden’s campaign pitch: Make America Normal Again

This seems less than likely, I’d say. Joe Biden kicked his campaign off by acting like Charlottesville 2017, and your humble correspondant, were the most important issues of next year’s election. Clearly, he has been spending far too much time in the Ivory Towers of the Cathedral, if he believes that. Should he dare to insist that pregnancy is a woman’s job, he’ll be run out of the Democrat Party, and good luck convincing Americans that record breaking numbers of illegal immigrants gaming our asylum laws, then skipping court, is something they ought to get used to.

McManus begins the piece voicing his early skepticism of Biden’s chances. He points out that many, he included, questioned “whether a gaffe-prone 76-year-old symbol of last-century politics could survive in a next-generation campaign.”

With 38% of Democrats supporting him in early polls, this foot soldier of the Cathedral seems to think Biden has beaten the odds.

Let us hope they remain so glib on election day, so we can see the panicked look on their faces as the results are announced.

He goes on to say;

The former vice president’s kickoff speech in Philadelphia last weekend showed why. It was vintage Biden: folksy, garrulous, at once conciliatory and combative — and focused almost entirely on defeating President Trump.

“You want to know what the first and most important plank in my climate proposal is?” he said. “Beat Trump.”

With that as his refrain, Biden is putting himself squarely where Democratic voters are. Polls show that most Democrats yearn for a candidate — any candidate — who can credibly promise to unseat the president. Virtues like “has new ideas” and “represents a new generation” rank much lower.

Interesting indeed, that even Democrats have just about had it with all these “new” ideas coming from the Cathedral and its mouthpieces. All they want is an old White guy who can bring them back to the good old days of 2015.

But of course, the Cathedral’s most ardent devotees are having none of this. Those pesky “liberals” have gotten in the way of the Left for too long, and now is the time to abandon all pretenses of adoration for democratic ideals. Charlottesville resident Phil Woodson of the “Clergy Collective” clearly sees Biden as symptomatic of the very “White Supremacy” he claims to be fighting against. In a Letter to the Editor published at the Daily Progress, Pastor Phil attacks Creepy Joe for his lack of financial support to the scam charities which emerged in the wake of that communist riot. He decries the lack of a plan to “remove the idols of white supremacy” and encourages his fellow communists to “hold these candidates to a higher standard” when they inevitably come to that socialist cesspool pandering for political advantage.

For them, defeating Trump is not good enough. They want to defeat America, and anyone who gets in their way is a traitor to the revolution, and the memory of a “brave young woman”, who reluctantly gave up Newports for the struggle.

Nevermind that the voters they’ll need for victory overwhelmingly oppose the removal our Nation’s history by out of touch criminals incapable of experiencing satisfaction. For them, this is not about the realities on the ground, but the ideas they have been residing with to the exclusion of all others. Giving voters what they want is simply out of the question, since the voters are Nazis as evidenced by the election of Donald Trump. They’ll be happy to give the whole democracy thing another shot after 2044 when those pesky Americans have finally lost their electoral majorities, but for now they need someone who can take power by force and impose the will of the Cathedral on the ingrates who have rejected their marvelous wisdom.

With such absurdities passing for strategy in the criticism immune minds of our communist counterparts, I am, at this moment anyway, feeling quite optimistic about the road ahead. A second term for the God Emperor might not give us all that we want, but it will, as Joe Biden put it “forever, and fundamentally, alter the character of this Nation. Who we are.”

Good luck blaming his second term on “RUSSIA!” or painting the second term of his presidency as “an aberrant moment in time”.

That outcome, I suspect, will have been brought about not so much by our meme magic, or any particular brilliance on the part of the Israel fellator and chief, but rather by the intellectual isolation those diversity lovers of the Cathedral have chosen for themselves.

America is normal again, Creepy Joe, and we aim to keep it that way. We’ll cling to our guns, and some of us to our God, while you and your ilk cling desperately to the truly aberrant moment in time. Namely, that brief instant when Americans were so enthralled by their smartphones and parenthetical distractions, that they almost forgot how babies are made.

We’ve snapped out of that now, and Greatness is the New Normal.


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