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It has been a spectacular week to watch Leftists lose their minds. Almost as humorous, has been the display of our fellow conservatives trying their best to coddle them.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez declared immigration detention centers to be “concentration camps” and went on to invoke other Holocaust catch phrases to drive home her point. She assures us in the video that she does not throw these terms around lightly, of course. To her, the problem is literally just as serious as the Holocaust, and people who don’t see it that way, well, she doesn’t even want to talk to those Nazi scum.

Conservatives displayed all of the obligatory outrage you would imagine. They did their best to remind the young Socialist that only Hitler is Hitler, and nothing compares to the senseless murder of SIX MILLION JEWS for no reason whatsoever. As far as most conservatives are concerned, the Holocaust was a very special wickedness of supernatural, even biblical proportion. For anything in proximity to modernity to be held up against that, is like somebody walking up to you on a city bus and informing you they had been born to a virgin mother, sent by God so that sins could be forgiven.

Leftists see it differently, and given who makes up the intelligentsia of Leftism, perhaps we should consider their position on the subject with greater weight. To them, enforcing immigration laws which were on the books well prior to the arrival of Donald Trump, really is just as bad as the Holocaust. So is Climate Change, the Second Amendment, Free Speech, Religious Liberty, defining gender as biological sex, suggesting that genetics might have something to do with behavior or ideology, even preventing women from euthanizing their newborns. All of these things are, to the Left, just as serious as the Holocaust.

Surprisingly, the people who you would think most interested in preventing a Holocaust from happening in modern times, seem to agree. That tiny ethnic minority funds upwards of 50% of the Democrat Party, and votes Democrat upwards of 70% of the time. If proclamations like those of AOC really are “trivializing the Holocaust” as Christian conservatives insist, then why aren’t Democrat financiers and voters flocking to the GOP, where the Holocaust is given the solemn and sacred status it would seem to deserve?

I won’t speculate here as to why this demographic leans so far Left, as there are better venues for such inquiries. I will however point out a pattern of Leftist thinking and behavior, and leave the chicken or the egg debate for another day of the week.

Leftists are insatiable. Giving them what they want, socially or politically, is like giving saltwater to a man who is dying of thirst. It just makes him thirstier, hastens his dehydration, and his ultimate demise.

World War II was a big ole glass of soggy sodium chloride for them, and they have been chasing the dragon ever since. Not only did they get to defeat a Nationalist regime, they did so as open Communists, raping women and piercing infant skulls along the way. For the better part of a century, they have used the story of the Holocaust as an excuse for every bad idea one could imagine, and they have gotten what they wanted almost without exception as a result. They tell us “never again” ad nauseum, but considering the fact that their behavior today makes the Social Democrats of 1930s Germany look like Barry Goldwater, that would seem to be just one more of their lies.

Democrats are anxiously awaiting a replay of World War II, and in their thirst they have come to see in every opponent, a Hitler.

Agree with thine adversary quickly” reads the book of Matthew, lest he bring ye before the Judge.

Conservatives fret that Leftists trivialize the Holocaust, and surely this is true, but why fret? Why not trivialize the rhetorical weapons of a deceitful opponent? What purpose is there to arguing the wickedness of historical narratives, when the issue at hand is a modern policy? If enforcing immigration law is tantamount to the Holocaust, then perhaps we ought to permit the trivialization of the event, and cease to accept its invocation as a substitute for argument.

Fine! Immigration laws are just like the Holocaust, we’re Nazis now, and since we’re Nazis, we’re not going to let you raise taxes in America 2019, just because you’re afraid the weather in Africa 2031, will be like a POW camp of Germany 1942!

This seems like superior debating strategy to jumping through hoops and self flagellating over Social Justice narratives about history.

Let’s just agree with them. “Yes, Donald Trump is Hitler, now take this Q-Tip and clean the back of this oven.”

Mind you, I do not mean to capitulate. Far from it. That is even more foolhardy than argument. When I say we should agree with them, I just mean to short circuit the process by which they claim political ground. Leftists say “This thing I do not like is just like this other thing I do not like” and conservatives try to defend their position by saying the two things are very different.

What we should do is say “I am pleased by your unhappiness, and thus will not stray from my course”.

Look no further than Mark Zuckerberg to see what happens when you give communists what they want. Social media was briefly seen as a great equalizer that would break the stranglehold on information which was claimed by a handful of minority owned corporations. The moment this upset their political designs, Leftists immediately demanded censorship of their opponents. They got it, of course, and as anybody who’s picked up a newspaper lately can tell you, they simply demanded more censorship with each victory.

Glassdoor is a site where employees can anonymously rate their jobs and their CEOs. The results are published yearly, ranking CEOs according to the satisfaction of their employees. The Facebook CEO saw his ranking among top US CEOs plummet this year, from No. 16 in 2018 to No. 55 this year. Of course, Vox blames this on “privacy issues” and “Russian” interference in the 2016 election, but the savvy observer will find it obvious that Zuckerberg’s employees hate him because he is giving them exactly what they ask for.

Leftists are fundamentally of a feminine mindset, and thus the disconnect between their wants and their demands. They want to be dominated, and to incur that dominant force they demand freedom and rebel against all boundaries, seeking the masculine will to compel their obedience. When you give them what they demand, they just increase the insanity of their demands waiting for you to figure out the game, and give them what they want, but cannot ask for. To ask for domination would be to spoil the fun, as one who dominates on command creates a paradox.

Viewed that way, their political activities make a lot more sense. Most conservatives think leftists are crazy and incoherent, and from our perspective they certainly fit such a description. A more thorough analysis however, reveals a clearer picture.

Take for example a recent piece in Rolling Stone, which laments Trump’s musings about a third term as President. New York Magazine likewise frets about Trump becoming “President for Life”.

Neither mentions the fact that repeal of the 22nd Amendment, which has imposed Presidential term limits since 1951, was actually proposed by Democrat Representative Jose Serrano of New York in 2009, when Democrats still held complete control of the Federal Government. Indeed, a whole 7 years after that, Vox’s own Matthew Yglesias said “The 22nd Amendment was a solution in search of a problem” when he proposed a third term for Obama in 2016.

The first thing that comes to the conservative mind of course is, were it not for double standards, Leftists would have no standards at all. While their guy is in office, the 22nd Amendment is a hindrance to their power to be discarded. Yet, when our guy is in power, idle tweeting about what voters might want in six years is a threat to democracy! Hypocrites!

But there is no hypocrisy. Leftists want more than anything for someone far more ruthless than Donald Trump to deprive them of their political power. If they said so, that would defeat the purpose. So instead of making the demand, they simply act like complete lunatics on the instinct that responsible adults will do the right thing.

Recall the arson and riots Leftists staged at University of California Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. Our fellow conservatives marveled at the irony of such censorious mayhem taking place at the “home of the free speech movement”. Yet, again, it makes sense when you think of a Leftist as a battered wife who likes to be hit. Leftists pushed the boundaries of free speech, not because they wanted free speech, but because they wanted responsible adults to shut them up. When the adults failed to do this, the Leftists found themselves wielding the awesome powers of the United States Federal Government, and using that power, they obtained control over corporations and ultimately the entire economy, and once firmly vested with omnipotence, they swiftly set about dismantling the same freedoms they had obtained, because deep down, they knew it was foolish all along.

And now, as their power fades, they demand more control than ever. “Take away the guns!” they shout at the supposed fascist dictator they pretend to hate. “Don’t you dare bring transparency to the intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement!” they cry, as the man they once tried to frame for a crime, now wields the powers they had used to do so.

The key to understanding Leftists is to look beyond their words, and see what they are maneuvering toward. Just like your wife or girlfriend is seeking reassurance when she asks you if that dress makes her butt look fat, Leftists are absolutely begging for a firm hand when they scream “TYRANT!” in the face of their betters.


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