Outlaw Conservative S01E024 – Death Rattle

Outlaw Conservative

The stench of desperation emanating from the Left is absolutely nauseating.

Unlike us, they have no fear of being assaulted in the street for their political views. They certainly never have trouble finding money. They enjoy the unwavering support of the media. They won’t be censored on social media, or be banned from large service providers, even if they commit felonies and brag about them in public. Speaking of felonies, prosecutors seem awfully reluctant to prosecute them, even when their criminal behavior is caught on camera in broad daylight.

Being a Leftist is a pretty sweet gig, really…

So why are they so miserable? Why the constant state of panic? Why the violent and frenzied opposition to anyone who dares to deviate from the Narrative?

Given all their comforts and advantages, one might expect Leftists to display the sort of cool confidence normally reserved for the most secure amongst us. Yet no voice is too small to crush for this seemingly untouchable ideological sect. From Tucker Carlson, to Alex Jones, all the way down to lil ole me, the most powerful people in the world react as though their lives were in danger so long as anyone who contradicts them draws breath.

Perhaps their fears are well founded…

When you or I are attacked, however unpleasant it may be, we rightly see this as a temporary discomfort. As we are interested in the truth, we either alter our views to conform to our perceptions, or we defend our positions through argument. If we are wrong, we are happy to be informed of this, so that we may come to be better informed.

For them, the stakes are higher. They do not alter their views to conform to reality, but rather attempt to alter reality that it might conform to their views. They know they are wrong, and spend their days trying to forget this fact. Reminders of this reality are threats to their comfort, and thus must be silenced.

The Left cannot rely on a mere remnant to carry their ideas into the future. The moment their grip on power is wrenched loose, the cascade of consequences that will doubtlessly ensue, could spell permanent extinction of their ideas, not to mention that of the people who espouse them. So even as they hold all the power, they overreact to challenges in a manner usually reserved for cornered and wounded animals.

At the end of last week, payment processing for our donations platform TipTheHost.com, had been disrupted. The payment processor initially said we had violated their acceptable use policy by accepting donations. When it was pointed out to them that their acceptable use policy had no prohibition on accepting donations, they stonewalled me, repeating as though with religious conviction “That is all I am at liberty to say”.

Prior to this I had been contacted by a listener with a friend in the payments industry. This person assured me he could find payment processing, including donations, not only for the Outlaw Conservative, but for the Radical Agenda as well. I quickly contacted him to replace the payments system for TipTheHost, and he retracted his offer. He informed me that I was “blacklisted” personally. Not my company, but me, as an individual. I could “open a sandwich shop” as he put it, but anything to with “politics or radio” was shut out of the payments scene.

Mind you, this was for the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, which was designed specifically to comply with the ill defined and ever expanding “hate speech” policies of various providers.

As I dealt with the fallout from this, I sent out an email to my subscribers asking for their patience and financial support. The email was sent through a mail server I had hosted with ColoCrossing.com.

Yesterday I was informed by Alex Vial, the Chief Information Officer for ColoCrossing.com, that service to that dedicated server I had hosted with them, was immediately and permanently suspended. He would provide no explanation of why, except to say that “Corporate” had ordered him to terminate service. Adding to the injury, I was even prohibited from retrieving the important data the server had stored on it. Attempts to contact Deluxe.com, the parent company, have thus far been fruitless.

That same day, my attorneys informed me that a court order had been issued, enjoining me from making “unlawful threats” against Roberta Kaplan. Kaplan was one of the lawyers who championed the Obergefell v Hodges decision, which crammed gay marriage down the throats of all 50 states, imagining for the first time in American history, a supposed constitutional right for homosexuals to “marry” one another. She confessed to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that her lawsuit against me, stemming from the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, was ideologically motivated. She literally admitted that I am being sued for my ideas, under the absurd legal theory that my ideas make me liable for a murder which was actually a car accident, which happened miles from where I stood at the time, and in which the driver was a man I had never met before.

After reading this, I posted to Telegram that we would “have a lot of fun” with Ms. Kaplan once she lost her fraudulent lawsuit. In a fashion common to people of her kind, she stretched the definition of “threat” to move the court to silence me, but it was in reality just an excuse to try and prejudice the judge by parading every unsavory and out of context quote of mine her team of propagandists could scrape from the web.

Humorously, the court “granted” her motion. I am now prohibited from making “unlawful threats” against Ms. Kaplan. Congrats, lady, you got a Judge to say I’m not allowed to break the law. Go tell your donors about your “victory” so you can con them out of more cash. Soon there will be a trial, and your dishonesty will become plain for all to see.

That’s only “threat” to Miss Kaplan. The truth. A professional career, worldview, and overall existence based on coercion and deception is a fragile thing indeed. If the broad masses knew what I knew, what life would be possible for such a sorry excuse for a human being?

Unfortunately for all these despicable folks, my pain threshold has been made rather extraordinary from a lifetime of struggle. I will not be deterred from my course, because I rest secure in the knowledge that truth and righteousness are on my side, and that these virtues will persist beyond the horizon of my own existence.

Our values are eternal, and theirs are mere stains on our history, to be erased going forward.

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