Outlaw Conservative S01E026 – Stop Resisting

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The last words many criminals hear are “Stop Resisting!”

Today being the anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, it is worth contemplating the implications…

In rare, though not unfathomable circumstances, decent, innocent folks might meet a similar fate. However, innocent folks tend to heed the advise, and sort out confusions in the court system. Thereby avoiding the need to say “I can’t breath” on their way to the morgue. Here I’ll suggest that our fellow conservatives take a similar course when accused of racism by hysterical Left wingers, who are, in the words of Lindsay Graham, “a bunch of communists.”

“Racist tweets” has been the most repeated phrase in American politics for the last week, topping “manufactured crisis” and “Russian collusion” in frequency if not duration. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ran afoul of House parliamentary rules this week, by trying to turn the House floor into a CNN panel with the phrasing. Rachel Maddow used the image of your humble correspondent on Monday night to call the president a racist. The entire Leftist media, and more than a few coward Republicans, have been mindlessly repeating the catch phrase ever since President Trump told a bunch of America hating members of the House, essentially, “love it or leave it”.

Since these four communists happen to be “women of color” the tweets were condemned by the usual suspects as racist, and from there, a familiar debate ensued over what is and is not racist. As is par for the course, nothing positive has come from the ensuing discourse, for reasons a properly educated society should not need to have explained to them.

Many years ago, in a former life, I was guest on the Tom Woods show. Back then, I thought being a racist was a very bad thing, and was offended when people accused me of this wicked sin. The accusation came in so frequently, and so meritlessly, that I eventually decided it had lost all of its meaning. So during the interview I said to Mr. Woods, something to the effect of “When somebody calls you a racist, the best thing you can say is, ‘And?'”

The term racist has always been ill defined, and more of a tactic than a description of some illicit behavior. In recent years, it has become more of a racial epithet hurled at White people, not entirely dissimilar to words which would get you banned from Facebook for describing blacks or Jews. As the hysteria gets ratcheted up beyond any comprehensible measure, Jews like Ben Shapiro and Blacks like Ben Carson are similarly accused, and the resulting dilution of the terminology is, I think, a positive thing for the future of America.

Now, if racism were, as most Americans at least used to conceive of it, the hatred of an individual for the color of their skin, then the image it once conjured of a stupid, toothless, sub-human animal would indeed make sense. If it described, as Leftists today attempt to portray, the act of doing criminal violence to people for their immutable characteristics, then we could all speak with one voice in condemning it, and the truth is, even most ethnonationalists would join with us in so doing.

Today however, there is hardly a thing which is not thusly described. Everything from voluntary trade, to changes in weather, to the hard physical limit on the number of genders available, and the involuntary nature of their assignments, is condemned as not only racist, but the very scariest sort of racism, White Supremacy. In today’s red nosed, rainbow haired, horn soundtracked world, where a dozen legislators in polka dot suits pile in and out of subcompact coupés, enforcement of once uncontroversial laws like those pertaining to immigration and shoplifting are considered Nazi policies, and any place a person is held against their will, with the notable exception of the prison holding James Fields, is considered a concentration camp.

It is a natural instinct for the adults in the room to try and ratchet down the hysteria, but it is precisely that natural instinct which the malicious elements of our society have exploited in order to advance a most unnatural agenda. While you were trying to convince your communist adversary that you were not a racist, they were flooding your country with immigrants and pumping your sons full of female hormones.

It is no malfunction that debates over what is and is not racist get nowhere. The futility of the endeavor is a feature of its design. Imagine, if you must, a scenario where you caught your significant other being unfaithful, and rather than accept responsibility for their infidelity, they attacked you for not trusting them. This is a perfect analogy for today’s ethnic political discourse. One commits a wrong, is called out for their misdeed, and then assigns some negative quality to the discovery, in an effort to distract from their misbehavior, which they have every intention of repeating until compelled to stop.

Ilhan Omar is an al Qaeda sympathizing communist who hates America. I say this not because of the color of her skin, the geography of her unfortunate birth, or her poor taste in fashion, but because she says so on television and social media as frequently as time permits. She is joined by others, such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, in so doing. All women of color, and all contemptible excuses for human beings.

These four disgusting people comprise a small but highly visible example of a subset of the American population, who explicitly connect all patriotism and, for that matter, sanity, as relics of White Supremacy to be systematically eliminated through public policy. They likewise equate all criticism of them with racial animus, and insist that anyone who wants to preserve the American way of life is a White Nationalist, also to be systematically eliminated through public policy.

In this, they have a lot more in common with White Nationalists, than does the President of the United States.

If it is racist to say that Ilhan Omar and her “squad” should get out of the country because their behaviors and beliefs are at odds with our way of life, the implication is necessarily that their beliefs and behaviors are endemic to their ethnic backgrounds. To take their complaints as meritorious, one would have to conclude, as do White Nationalists, that non-whites are, by mere consequence of their genetics, bound to act and believe in a particular fashion which, in this case, poses a threat to the wellbeing of the Nation.

The anti-racist position would conclude the contrary, that Ilhan Omar hates America and wants it destroyed for reasons wholly separate from anything pertaining to her immutable characteristics. You still ought to conclude that she is a threat to National Security and seek her expulsion, citizen or no, but this would not carry broader ethnic implications.

It has become a subject of ridicule in ethnonationalist circles to say that “Democrats are the real racists,” since this cliche is typically espoused by Republicans who think being a racist to be a profoundly negative thing. To bolster their claim, they point to the long history of the Democrat Party in supporting Jim Crow, slavery, and myriad other explicitly racial laws and positions on social standards.

Ethnonationalists mock the implication of negativity, though not the facts of the case. Democrats have always taken demographics into account, and it has served them well politically. Meanwhile, Republicans have attempted to blindly apply their hyperindividualistic, meritocratic worldview to anyone who happens to traipse across their borders, much to their political misfortune.

Conservatives are profoundly misguided in thinking that Democrats are issuing moral judgements when they call us racists. A closer look at their facial features will reveal not so much an ethical judgement, so much as the sort of fear an armed robber experiences when the store clerk produces his own weapon. Up to now, conservatives have foolishly argued themselves breathless about ethics, while Democrats allow biology to do the heavy lifting, never breaking a sweat. They shout “racist” not so much as one might have shouted “heretic” centuries ago, so much as one might shout “gun!” today.

The people who make every disagreement into an ethnic conflict are understandably terrified that their strategy might backfire. When the path to power is victory in a popularity contest, the champion of the minority is at a distinct disadvantage in the match. Only by a disparity in the rules of the game can such a course result in success, and thus difference in treatment between the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “White Lives Matter”.

Returning to our analogy of the cheating love interest, there is only one way to respond to an accusation of distrust in such a scenario. “Of course I don’t trust you. You cheating piece of filth.”

Likewise, in a world where immigration laws, prohibiting theft, and a President’s pursuit of the National interest is considered “racist,” there little sense in resisting, and only one appropriate response.

“We are all racists, now”


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