Outlaw Conservative S01E028 – Dueling Dems

Outlaw Conservative

Many years ago, I took a girl on a date to a circus. On the way in, we saw some animal rights fanatics outside, and my date was drawn to their message.

She spent the duration of the show whining about the cruelty that had to have been involved in training the animals, and it kinda ruined the whole thing. I hated those animal rights people for that.

Last night, I felt similarly about John Delaney, and John Hickenlooper. Here we have this amazing opportunity to watch the Democrat Party destroy itself, and these idiots have to screw it up by reminding Democrat primary voters that math is real and White people still vote. Were it not for them, I suspect we’d have seen proposals to ban algebra for its focus on division, and disparate racial impacts. Candidates would have gone Left of Vermin Supreme, calling “Free Ponies” a “Republican Talking Point” and claiming that Unicorns are, as the name implies, a Universal Human Right.

The Democrats are so shielded from criticism by their big tech and media allies, that they don’t even seem to realize that there are people out there who disagree with radical Leftist policy proposals anymore. To go any further Left, they would have to ban private walls, and demand we build only bridges between what used to be our homes. Abortion wouldn’t just be a right, it would be a duty. The Supreme Court would obviously be packed, with kindergarteners. Venezuela would be granted American statehood, whether they liked it or not. Free trade would become quite literally free, as in, no payments could be made, and this would clearly be unilateral in nature, prohibiting only inbound payments, since every country but the United States is entitled to some degree of sovereignty. Our broader foreign policy agenda would seemingly involve slashing military spending until we were fighting Israeli wars with only milkshakes and sucker punches. And of course we would then have to ban milkshakes a since they are weapons of war which do not belong on our streets.

Delaney and Hickenlooper must have felt a lot like Ron Paul last night, but one doubts they’ll have quite the same legacy. At this rate they’ll be lucky if they don’t get called Nazis and jumped by Antifa.

I’m in the process of extracting tumors editing audio from this freak show. Critiques and jokes will  be in abundance. Don’t miss this one.


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