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Chris Cuomo is a good example of how not to do steroids. The key to proper testosterone supplementation is having a qualified medical professional prescribe the medications, to take them as directed, and to discontinue use if side effects, like extreme shifts in mood, or increased aggression, manifest themselves. Clearly, Mr. Cuomo seems to have obtained his medications from the dark web using Monero, and has eschewed post cycle therapy in favor of the Blast & Cruise lifestyle.

The far left CNN show host was caught on video threatening to throw a Trump supporter down the stairs after the man called him “Fredo” – a moniker foisted upon him by conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Frederico “Fredo” Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather. Fredo is portrayed by actor John Cazale in the Francis Ford Coppola film adaptation and in the sequel, The Godfather Part II. He is typically seen as the weakest and dumbest of Vito Corleone’s sons.

The Governor’s brother later claimed that calling an Italian “Fredo” was an ethnic slur akin to calling a black man “the n-word”.

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we would not for a moment pretend that White people are any less entitled to racial grievances than other ethnic group. If somebody was being racist toward Chris Cuomo for his Italian heritage, then of course Chris would be perfectly justified in reacting to such an insult the same way any black or Jewish person would be justified.

Which is to say, non-violently.

If some Irishman decided to call him “dego” or “wop” then Chris would have been perfectly within his rights to call that drunken mick a Taig or a Prod. He could even start a racist podcast where he derided the targets of his enmity on the basis of their ethnicity. He could hold a controversial demonstration in a DC exurb, and defend himself with pepper spray, if some Russki tried to stop him.

But to threaten lethal violence over being called Fredo, that reinforces a far more dangerous ethnic stereotype. No Italian ever went to prison for being called Fredo. It wasn’t Vincent’s second son that made it impossible for anyone whose name ended in a vowel to get a garbage route in New York City. The harmful stereotype of Italians is not that we are weak or stupid, but that we are violent, dishonest members of a transnational crime organization.

That is a stereotype Mr. Cuomo reinforces every day through his profession. Day in, and day out, CNN lies to the public, subverts our society, and provides cover to violent criminals.

Fortunately for Italian Americans, they cannot be blamed for that particular transnational gang. Mr. Cuomo’s transgressions, the reason so many Americans despise him, have nothing to do with his perceived fondness for tomato sauce. Rather it is the smug confidence he exudes on camera every weeknight, working for a decidedly different ethnic group, against his own people, and his own country.

If Chris Cuomo were going to threaten violence in defense of his European heritage, that would, by definition, make him a White Supremacist. Of course, Chris would want no part of that mess.

Perhaps Mr. Cuomo should read Max Boot’s column in the Washington Post. “Get a grip, white people. We’re not the victims” said the Jewish columnist.

White people can be pretty clueless. (I know, I’m one myself.) Get a grip, folks. We’re not the victims here. Thinking that we are is not just wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s a mind-set that can justify everything from a public temper tantrum to a shooting spree.

Interesting take. Mr. Boot seems to think airing a racial grievance is justification for mass murder. If carried to its logical conclusion, we should all be very concerned about what we hear today from the Democrat Party. If White people are the oppressors we are made out to be by the likes of CNN, and victimhood fetishes are a “mind-set that can justify everything from a public temper tantrum to a shooting spree” then we might expect to see, blacks rioting and burning their own neighborhoods to the ground, some might even open fire on police officers. By this reasoning, we should be less than shocked to see people trying to firebomb ICE detention centers, or opening fire on ICE offices.

John Hirschauer, writing at the National Review, warns of another danger in Boot’s analysis.

His ultimate prescription to the “white people” he instructs to “get a grip” is something like “Stop whining.” And that’s fine; we could certainly stand less whining in the United States. In effect, however, Boot sets up a Faustian choice for “white” readers: Side with the white supremacists and their detestable program, or sell your political soul to Max Boot and become one of the self-loathing whites so paralyzed by intersectional deference that they can hardly advance an argument without first reciting that neutered prelude: “As a straight, white, cisgender man with privilege, I . . .”

If Boot believes what he is saying — and I’m not sure he does — and assumes that “many” Trump supporters believe “that white supremacy is the natural order of things,” then he’d do well to provide them with a better set of options than white nationalism on the one hand and political impotence on the other. Surely there is a third way between a full-throated embrace of white identity and a supine adoption of the politics of self-hatred.

Do well, indeed.

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we’ve set ourselves to the task of defeating racism, on the orders of the President of the United States. It is exceedingly unfortunate that men like Chris Cuomo and Max Boot continue to fan the flames of  violent White Supremacy, at such a dangerous time in our country’s history.



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