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I had a conversation with somebody about the accelerationist factions of the White Nationalist movement recently. During that conversation, I attempted to emphasise that I did not think their advocacy of gunning down non-combatants in houses of worship to be politically helpful, which prompted the question “you don’t mind the violence, you just don’t want to be associated with it?”

The kneejerk reaction to such a question is an instinctive “I oppose violence” but I tend to think of answers like that as a copout, since violence is sort of endemic to the human condition. I gave the example of my desire to see law enforcement bring the coercive force of the State upon criminals who have harmed me, to illustrate this point. Since I agree with our laws which see only minor differences between violence and the threat thereof, I think of this reasonable and lawful exercise as “violence” strictly speaking, and thus I cannot honestly say “I oppose violence”.

When people say “I oppose violence” I tend to think of them as either being intentionally dishonest, or not intelligently processing the question. Violence is neither good nor bad, inherently, prefer though we all may, to live in perfect peace. The Democrat Party claims to oppose violence. By this opposition they advocate seizing firearms from otherwise law abiding citizens. This is quite certainly a violent act, justified by way of deception, and under color of law, though in violation of our constitution. They claim to oppose violence by refusing to enforce our immigration laws, which results in crimes, including but in no way limited to rape and murder, against our citizenry.

If that is what one means by opposition to violence, then I cannot be counted amongst the adherents of such a belief system.

In my attempt to answer more substantially, I presented a famous quote from Thomas Jefferson in that I am willing to accept that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time time time”.

I am not one who would sit idly by while his country fell to communism. I believe the Democrat Party is, fundamentally, racing toward precisely that state of affairs. The Democratic Socialists of America are nothing if not a communist conspiracy, as is Antifa, their militant wing. I am very concerned with the staggering lack of interest law enforcement has thus far shown in bringing Antifa terrorists to justice, which feeds my fears that our country is in great danger of falling under their control.

If America falls to communism, and my prediction, in no uncertain terms, is that it will, then most certainly there will be a great deal of unjustifiable violence brought upon the citizenry by the organs of a then illegitimate government, and this I would most vehemently oppose. Were some other force to arise and repel that violence, I would most enthusiastically support such a force.

In the past, I have given the example of the New Hampshire state government opting to secede from the United States, and in that case, I would happily join whatever defensive force this state saw fit to establish, and I would consider it my unique privilege to give my life defending New Hampshire from the forces of communism, even if the then illegitimate federal government declared us terrorists, which they most certainly would in that dystopian scenario.

Until such a force emerges, I think it in the best interests of decent people who care for the future of their country to not only obey the law, but to help see that it is enforced.

The ideological line of the factions I oppose is that such an is exercise is frivolous at best. Things are too far gone, they say, because the Republican Party is no less controlled by International interests than is the Democrat Party, as evidenced by their failure to stem the flow of immigration before losing the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms. By this reasoning, the best one can hope for by aiding the current government is to save their own skin, at the expense of their Race & Nation, making them a traitor. The far more likely outcome of which is, one gains absolutely nothing by cooperating with law enforcement. They only end up feeding the government whatever information and resources which can used against Patriots, and whatever information could be used against the communist enemy is discarded.

There is substantial evidence of this, and they make a compelling case, which is why I believe some of the people under their influence are good folks, who love their country, and would sacrifice their lives for its salvation. The hostile forces who are leading them to their destruction without helping their country, I count amongst my enemies.

This is all to say that, what I oppose from these factions is not a mere reputational concern. Lone wolf (or organized) terrorism against the innocent is most certainly a political inconvenience, but that is not the thrust of what I meant to communicate. Nothing is gained from walking into a house of worship and gunning down non-combatants, and these are thus illegitimate targets even for a lawfully ordained military. To illustrate, I’d oppose the US military randomly bombing mosques in a warzone, unless of course, reliable information showed enemy forces were using them as cover, which I would not put past them. Otherwise, one of any number of decent folks of Jewish ancestry who I’ve come to know could easily be in one of those synagogues, and I would consider it a terrible crime to see them or someone they cared about harmed in such fashion. Even in the above described dystopian scenario, a lawfully ordained New Hampshire National Defense Force would not be well served to round up and execute the roughly 6% of our population who are non-white. In fact, I would probably seek to have them well protected, since our communist enemies might “false flag” precisely such an attack, to be used as a propaganda victory, and pretext for aggressions by them.

The careful observer comes to notice that the Leftist media coverage of mass shootings and “hate crimes” is celebratory in nature. They dedicate inordinate amounts of time to them, parade the shooter’s face and name before the public, and grant them all the notoriety such people crave. Not out of some civic obligation to inform the public, as evidenced by glossing over the Antifa ties of Connor Betts, but for the dual purposes of encouraging other unhinged nuts to find their 15 minutes of fame in this fashion, and to use those events as war propaganda and pretexts for Leftist power grabs and crackdowns.

That system of incentives is in large part why I think the people pushing such ideas are undercover Leftists, subverting my cause, and sending their dupes off to die for the benefit of our foes. That they are guided toward this course by a person of Foreign ancestry, would seem to confirm things I would have thought insane just a few short years ago, and comports with the revised understanding of World War II which I obtained through my literary adventures while in the custody of Charlottesville authorities.


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