Outlaw Conservative S01E041 – Turkey Shoot

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we tend to pride ourselves on rejecting the oppressive doctrines of political correctness.

This is not to say that we are heartless, however. We are not entirely unconscious of the disparities which exist between demographic groups, nor are we devoid of sympathy for the hardships that some of those disparities entail. So, as we launch this Thanksgiving Eve special episode of the show, we would first like to pause for a moment of contemplation.

Americans often get wrapped up in certain themes of this holiday. Turkey, pumpkin pie, football, doorbuster sales, and inner city single moms fighting over discounted flat screens.

But there is more to it than that, of course.

Consider how tough this day is for some Americans. Elizabeth Warren, for example. Her family was once made up entirely of noble savages who lived in harmony with the Earth. They welcomed immigrants from Europe, and taught them how to plant fish. In return for their kindness, they were nearly wiped out by interbreeding, superior technology, and infectious diseases. The ravages of uncontrolled immigration were so devastating to Warren’s tribe, that the Massachusetts Senator is now only 1/1024th Native American.

This dissolution of Native lineage and culture has been devastating in so many ways. Not only has our fashion been largely deprived the benefit of feathers, but the cost of housing has skyrocketed as we replaced cost efficient teepees, with permanent structures that require constant and costly maintenance. Peace pipes have been replaced, first by cigars, then cigarettes, and now by deadly vaping devices. Absent those peace pipes, we have been cursed with mass shootings, which would never have been possible, had we stuck to tomahawks and arrows. The replacement of wampum with Federal Reserve Notes has resulted in business cycles, inflation, and fractional reserve banking.

Smallpox blankets and firewater remind us of how devastating free trade was to the Native Americans. Lessons which, had we remembered, might have saved us from Chinese fentanyl and antifreeze toothpaste.

Perhaps it is overdue that we abandon our false narratives of this time period.

Fortunate then, perhaps, that Education Week and PBS are telling the story of public school teachers helping students to “unlearn” the “myth” of Thanksgiving.


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