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You might have heard that Leftists have convinced themselves of the insane idea that our government has been taken over by Nazis. Thanks to his delusion, they have sent that same government to hunt down these alleged “Nazis” wherever they might be found. The best place to find these right of center voices that have been so labeled, is on the Internet of course, and this necessarily causes investigators to consume Right wing media in the course of their investigations.

Last year I joked a bit, that in the course of those investigations these folks must be getting influenced by the media they were consuming. Thanks to that influence, they might just become “Nazis” themselves, making a self fulfilling prophecy of the Leftist delusions that began the exercise in the first place.

We have yet to see any evidence of FBI agents throwing up Roman salutes and handing out copies of Mein Kampf as 4/20 gifts, but an interesting piece by Casey Newton at The Verge gives us a startling glimpse into the lives of a different sort of investigator.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With 2.3 billion monthly users, it has been said that Mark Zuckerberg controls a flock larger than Christianity, a power no man of his background should be permitted to wield. But wield it he does, and not in responsible fashion. While propaganda promoting degenerate sexual behaviors, genital mutilation, drug use, communist terrorism, anarchy, revolution, and gang violence are permitted to flourish on the platform, Christians, conservatives, Republicans, and even lesbian feminists with a health respect for biology 101, have been censored and banned from the site.

The people who decide that setting limousines on fire is protected speech, but sexual dimorphism is hate crime, are unsurprisingly not so well adjusted. The Verge tells the harrowing tale of Facebook’s “community operations” team, who respond to each report of content that is alleged to have violated Facebook’s community standards.

From the outset you can imagine that this is going to go horribly wrong. The people who would be attracted to such a position are clearly the least prepared for it. Who in their right mind would want to be a Facebook censor in 2019? Anyone right of Kamala Harris would obviously find Facebook’s ever expanding definition of hate speech Orwellian and dangerous, and anyone who would agree with that lunacy is obviously unfit for survival outside the womb.

Yet of course it is exactly these delicate flowers who are paid $15/hour to police the words and thoughts of all mankind. You might be less than shocked to find, that the stress of it sometimes becomes overwhelming.

Employees use drugs at work. They sneak off into staircases and rooms reserved for lactating mothers to have sex with one another. They burst into tears, and have counselors on staff to deal with their nervous breakdowns.

These are the people who decide if your politics are too dangerous to be discussed on the Internet.

Not only do they live in fear of seeing an uncomfortable truth uttered by an inquisitive mind, but they live in fear of one another. They can be fired for making just a few errors, and those who remain live in fear of those who were so fired, that they might return seeking vengeance. Security personnel keep watch over the entrance, on the lookout for disgruntled  former employees. Those interviewed for the article, did so in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, and were quoted using pseudonyms for fear of retaliation.

And of course, one cannot help but be influenced by the media they consume. Employees are said to have embraced the idea that the world is flat after reviewing posts making such claims. Some begin to doubt the official story of the holocaust. Others question the events of September 11th 2001. People who are hired for the explicit purpose of erasing anything deemed “racist” from the human consciousness, compete to see who can come up with the most racist memes. Narratives commonly thought of as conspiracy theories, such as about the Parkland shooting in Florida from last year, and the Las Vegas massacre, run rampant.

“Guys, no, this is the crazy stuff we’re supposed to be moderating. What are you doing?” said one employee.

I suppose there are a lot of things one can take from the piece, not the least of which is some joy in the suffering of the censors. These people deserve to be hated, and to live in fear and misery for the catastrophic impacts they are having on politics throughout the world. If they are resorting to sex and drugs and contemplating suicide to cope with the stress of their positions, then we can take a small degree of comfort in knowing they do not enjoy their wicked occupation.

It also tells us something about the power of memes. Nobody is immune from the influence, not even the censors themselves. If the Facebook moderators are becoming 9/11 truthers and holocaust deniers, imagine how rapid the shift in opinion will be, when the flow of information is wrenched from their grip.

Likewise, when our hands are on the levels of power, we must not let our love of freedom cloud our judgement as rulers. The memes that Facebook does permit, promoting communism, transgenderism, anarchy, and insurrection are only slightly less powerful than the ones they are censoring. They are warping the minds of our people, and harming our future irreparably. We will never recover the damage that has been done, and never again can we repeat this folly.

We do not want to abolish the censors at Facebook, Twitter, and Google. We want to replace these fragile, drug addled degenerates, with men of strong mind and character. We do not want to abolish “community standards” but rather set standards that promote healthy informational hygiene, political stability, and happy families.

And we’ll get there, my friends. Look at how hard they resist our advances. Look at the panic in their eyes as we prevail, or at least survive, through each conflict. Watch their frantic efforts to discredit us to increasingly skeptical audiences, from which we pick away their adherents one by one, and group by group. They stir up the mob in the hopes of scaring us away, but we power on, sustained by the righteousness of our cause, and as we do, some in the mob take notice.

“How?” they ask themselves. “How do they continue despite our screams and threats? Shouldn’t they be off doing drugs or fornicating just to cope with their fear? What faith sustains them? Could I have such courage, if I too followed their path?” And some of them do. Some of you found yourselves listening to the sound of my voice from exactly this course, and as time goes forward, more will join us.

That knowledge has sustained me through some rather harrowing ordeals. What most people would look at as overwhelming pressure, I see as merely a small investment of time. I smirk at the mob like Nick Sandmann of the Covington Catholic School. “Yeah go beat your drum! Go chant your jibberish! Someday everyone will know the truth, and you will be the one who fears the wrath of the public!”


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