Outlaw Conservative S01E009 – Unprepared

Outlaw Conservative

There’s a lot going on here at the Outlaw Conservative Studio.

ChristopherCantwell.com was deplatformed by its email list provider, so notifications of new posts are not going out. Our email list is a very vital component of our distribution, especially since we’ve suffered so much censorship on social media and syndication platforms. This presents a technical challenge, since it is the second email provider to drop our content. We are looking at options for managing the email service ourselves to avoid this happening in the future, but this requires some time and planning.

Our video streaming platform, Stream.me has also been taken down. Apparently the owners of the site had been trying to keep their identities a secret, unsuccessfully. Their identities were disclosed, death threats against their families poured in, and the site vanished from the Internet without a trace. This too provides a technical challenge which, while not insurmountable, is really the last thing we needed in the early stages of this production, and a hard fought recovery for our other works.

You may also have noticed that your host has been making the rounds on other shows, which often air later than our content. This has not been conducive to regular sleeping patterns for your host, and I literally woke up two hours before showtime today.

I was tempted to cancel today’s episode as a result, as I really don’t have the time or the concentration to write a cohesive show description. There are some interesting stories to discuss though, and your feedback is important to me, so the show will go on as scheduled, though we may cut it short today.

Here are some of the stories on my radar.

Illegal immigration at worst rate since 2007 – Washington Times

U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit – WSJ

U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit – WSJ

Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’ | Homeland Security

Ex-Rep. Schock gets deferred prosecution agreement, in stunning blow to feds | Chicago Sun-Times

US trade gap jumped to 10-year high; record gap with China

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens 77 Percent


R. Kelly claims parents ‘sold’ daughters to him

American journalist based in Caracas detained by government officials amid Venezuela unrest | Fox News

Time for the Chinese miracle’: Beijing’s new English language propaganda push | World news | The Guardian


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