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Power is a fascinating subject to ponder. The fortunate amongst us have enough power to go about our daily lives with little in the way of obvious interference. Our friends behind the concrete and steel of the enemy’s cages, obviously lack this luxury. Nearly all people find themselves somewhere between these two points along a spectrum.

A few very lucky people manage to obtain enough power to direct the actions of others, within certain limits. Whether by employing folks, or my holding some leadership position in some non-commercial type of organization, they have the power to direct willing participants toward a goal.

Further down the road we find the power of compulsion. This is generally reserved for agents of the State, though others manage to obtain it in more creative ways. They hold the power of life and death in their hands, and can thus obtain nearly anything at any time. This has its own limits of course, as it is notoriously inefficient at producing quality action, and carries with it the risk of revolt, if those being compelled conclude that life is not worth living under the boot of a despot.

Some people are even more powerful than this. They have the power to scoff at the lawmakers and their enforcers. They move about the society just like everyone else, obtaining all the benefits of a lawful and orderly civilization. Then, when they perceive it to be advantageous, they break the rules everyone else has to follow, and manage to evade the consequences that would be visited upon any other member of the society. They have all the benefits, and none of the restraints. It borders on omnipotence. Interestingly, the mechanism they use to obtain this power is a clever deception.

Most power is obtained by some degree of merit. Some obtain it through physical strength and martial prowess. Some obtain it by wit, others by charm. But the most powerful people among us obtain it through lies. They claim to be powerless victims, and through this trickery, rally to their side the marginalized and the powerful alike. This forms an impressive coalition, whereby the sheer numbers of the individually powerless, and the unique capacities of the elite few, are forged into a mighty weapon none dare stand against.

Jussie Smollett is a great example of this power in action. Smollett is a famous actor, who reportedly makes $65,000 per episode starring in a show called Empire. Hardly the portrait of an oppressed victim, Smollett is a homosexual of Jewish and African ancestry, though his Semitic lineage is almost universally overlooked in recent news coverage.

He claimed to be the victim of a “hate crime” earlier this year, in which White Trump supporters in MAGA hats, hurled insults at him based on his skin color and sexual orientation, before dousing him in bleach, beating him, and tying a noose around his neck. The story was ridiculous on its face, and everyone who heard it knew he was lying immediately. The Chicago police spent an obscene amount of time and money investigating the hoax, and quickly brought the black Nigerian perpetrators to justice. Just as quickly, they threw him under the bus, and confessed that he had orchestrated the whole thing for attention.

For a moment it looked like Smollett was done for. He had been indicted on 16 felony counts for filing a false report and lying to investigators. He was arrested and had to put up ten thousand dollars bail to be released. Even those who had initially supported him, began to distance themselves as his story unraveled. He was written out of upcoming episodes of Empire, and it seemed all but certain that his career was to be ended.

Then, yesterday, there was an “emergency” hearing in a Chicago courtroom. Prosecutors suddenly decided to drop all the charges against Smollett, with only the forfeiture of his bail as punishment for his fraud.

This would be unremarkable under most circumstances for a first time, non-violent offender. Prosecutors simply demand the defendant take responsibility for his actions, show remorse, and send him on his way with a promise not to reoffend. For most people who find themselves in the Chicago justice system, forfeiture of ten thousand dollars is no small penalty, so although Smollett can afford such a cost better than most of Chicago’s current and future prison population, it wasn’t like he got off completely unscathed.

What was remarkable was that Smollett was allowed to escape prosecution without confessing to his crime. His lawyers continued to portray him as a victim throughout the proceedings. He continues to maintain his innocence, and at a press conference after the hearing, said “I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since Day One. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I have been accused of. This has been an incredibly difficult time, honestly one of the worst of my entire life. But I am a man of faith and I am a man that has knowledge of my history, and I would not bring my family, our lives or the movement through a fire like this. I just wouldn’t.”

Even Chicago’s Democrat Mayor, and black police chief, both slammed the disposition as a “whitewash”.

Smollett is lying. Everyone knows it. He knows that everyone knows, and he simply continues lying because he reasonably expects his lie to continue being endorsed by those who have rallied to his side for other reasons. Even as he portrays himself as a downtrodden victim, he stands before TV cameras and wields the power to turn fiction into the functional equivalent of truth.

That’s power, and it is far from unique today.

Smollett is a hate crime victim just like Bruce Jenner is a woman named Caitlyn. The crime against him is as real as any same sex marriage. For the Left, believing obvious lies is all part of being a decent person, and those who insist on objective truth are White Supremacists.

It brings to mind a recent segment that aired on HBO’s Vice News. In it, Elle Reeve interviewed a transgender YouTuber who goes by the name of Natalie Wynn. Wynn operates a popular YouTube channel called ContraPoints, where he attempts to “de-radicalize” the Right. Wynn said to Reeve “Facts don’t matter to people as much as people think they do. People don’t believe because of facts and evidence. They believe things because they are part of a story that they tell themselves. And so, I guess part of what I’m doing is understanding those stories, and understanding psychologically, why are these stories being told.” To which Reeve ponders in post production “And who sees themselves as the most rational guys in the room? Often, young white guys. ”

This encapsulates the mindset of the Leftist perfectly, and it comes as no surprise to hear it fall from the mouth of a transgender propagandist. This solipsistic worldview has become so pervasive throughout our society as to threaten its very foundations, and it gets worse by the day. In their view, the pursuit of truth, and the concept of objective reality, are relics of White Supremacy which are to be done away with as we launch into a post Western order, unbound by the oppressive shackles of biology and the physical world.

The truth is whatever they say it is, and you will be censored, assaulted, defamed, imprisoned, or killed, if you resist.

The fact that their very existence depends on the order we’ve made possible through our adherence to reason, matters not. In the words of Louis Farrakhan “He’s prepared to take the whole world down with him.”


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