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It’s getting hectic out there, folks. Girls are marrying girls, and boys are trying to become girls to get in on the action. Communist riots are considered protests, while Right wing social media posting is considered terrorism. People in New Zealand are being arrested for having a video of the #1 news story in the world. Even though per person incomes are up in the United States, a recently released happiness index says we’re the most miserable we’ve been since they started tracking it. Maybe that’s why Nazis are supporting Asian Democrat communists for the presidency of the United States.

Clown World, folks. Welcome to it.

PRODUCTION NOTE: Today, for the first time, we’ll be video streaming Outlaw Conservative to our Smashcast channel!

Years ago I realized that I could never assume the Left had gotten as crazy as they could get. I used to think this often, and was proven wrong so many times, and so quickly, that it caused my head to spin. If they get their Green New Deal, and all the cars and planes stop moving, they won’t be satisfied that the environment is saved. They’ll just move onto banning bovine flatulence, which, oh yeah that’s right, is already part of the agenda. If they get their 70 or 90 percent top tax rate, they won’t thank the rich for paying their fair share and get back to responsibly managing the affairs of State. They’ll just keep on altering the definitions of fair and rich until everyone is considered rich and nobody is treated fairly. If they get their open borders and displace the dominant group in every Nation they set upon, they won’t bask in the glory of equality and call it a day. They’ll rather set to work hunting down and destroying every last drop of quality blood left on the Earth.

For them, there is no retreat. There is no surrender. There is no compromise. There is no satiating their wanton lust for for destruction and decline. No common denominator is too low for their egalitarian sadomasochistic fantasies. There will never be too many genders, or too few eye or hair colors. Nobody is too dumb, too ugly, or too poor, to reproduce. No baby is too old to be aborted.

The only limits Leftists know, are those imposed on them by others. In a healthy society, this unenviable task is handled by the State. In democratic societies, the State proves too weak and indecisive to handle this all important task, and so the limits are imposed by economic catastrophe, foreign militaries, and insurrection.

That’s your future, and it might not be far off.

Americans will go to the polls in just 593 days. Trump’s signature issue is just completely out the window at this point. The total number of illegal aliens who remain in the United States despite final deportation orders is 1,009,550 right now, according the Conservative Review. Despite this, US Customs and Border Protection announced that they are going to stop detaining illegal immigrant families at the border, because so many are coming that they just don’t have the capacity to hold them anymore. “No emergency here!” says every Democrat, and a dozen Republicans in the US Senate.

No problem though, we’ll just take the emergency order all the way to the Supreme Court, where John Roberts will conveniently side with the Left, as at least one Republican appointee always does when it really matters. No problem though, we’ll just keep voting Republican until there are no swing votes, or until the country is so overwhelmed by immigrants that there are no Republicans to vote for, whichever comes first.

And when Democrats take control, whether it’s through the ballot box on election day or by storming the gates while speaking in tongues on the next, what will they do? They’ll lower the voting age to sixteen, grant amnesty and voting rights to the illegal immigrants they’ve been subsidizing, pack the Supreme Court with their fellow communists, abolish the electoral college, abolish the filibuster, and perhaps the whole entire Senate. That ought to stop any pesky obstacles to their complete domination of the country.

On the bright side, they’re going to legalize drugs, and they’ll be handing out a thousand bucks a month so, you won’t actually have to be conscious through any of this. Once we’re a genderless, raceless, classless – well, this probably doesn’t qualify as a society at this point, but – a genderless, raceless, classless, bunch of meat sacks with no beauty standards or concern for reproduction, getting laid will be easy. We can have fun, enjoy the decline.

Or, we can try to do something other than fret about the day to day activities of the President.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with me for awhile, you already know what I’m talking about. Political migration and secession. We move to an area, establish profitable businesses, and hire people of like mind who would also like to move to that area. We repeat this process, over and over again, bringing enough of our own people to that area, that we can take over the local government democratically. We keep doing this, expanding outward, then capturing the county government, then the state government, then branch into a neighboring state, and we continue to do this at least until we govern enough territory as to establish defensible borders, and then we declare independence, through our legislatures. There is your peaceful and lawful path to salvation, and I fear it may well be your only one.

There are a number of challenges to this of course. The people who run things don’t want us to succeed, most notably. They do everything in their power just to stop us from being heard or making a living, and they certainly do not want us to gain a toehold on political power. That’s why they sabotage me worse than anybody, I figure. What I’m talking about can actually work, they know it, and they want me destroyed. Everybody gets it from our enemies, right? You might have noticed, I get it from people who pretend to be our friends, too.

I mean, you get banned from Twitter or YouTube its like, welcome to the club. I even got banned from Gab! Some Left wing journalist goes and tells a lie about you, I recall a famous author saying your day had been wasted if one hadn’t. I, on the other hand, get slandered by people who claim to be devotees of that author. Heck, I let some twerp who said he was a fan into my house for less than 5 minutes, and he created an entire YouTube channel for no other purpose than telling lies about that brief interaction.

I could go on complaining, but hopefully you get the idea. We’ve got trust issues, and these things are not going to get solved by listening to podcasts or posting to social media. This requires face time.

I’ve recognized this problem for awhile, and I had a plan to deal with it last year. Those of you who have been following me for awhile will recall that I planned to do a bit of a tour for my uncensored production when I got back from Virginia. Sadly, my revenues for that operation were sabotaged, and I had to put that on the back burner.

Thankfully, we are in a better place now, and I intend to do some traveling very soon. So if you are in or near any of the following states – Vermont, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Indiana, or Ohio – and you would like to meet with me, I would be very interested in hearing from you at OutlawConservative.com/contact.

I am not 100% certain that I will make it to all of those states. That list is sort of an optimal situation where I get around as much as possible in places where my carry permit is honored. How many of those places I actually get to will depend on who is interested in meeting, who is willing to submit to my vetting process (which I’ll tell you now, means that you’ll have to dox yourself to me), and what level of financial support is forthcoming. Worst case scenario I’ll be making my way up and down the East Coast, carefully avoiding the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia

Speaking of financial support, you can sign up for an Outlaw Conservative Premium Membership at OutlawConservative.com/join, or you can donate to Outlaw Conservative until your heart’s content at TipTheHost.com. We take all major credit cards, eChecks, and cryptocurrency over there. I try to make it really easy for people to pay me.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 808-4-OUTLAW, that’s 808-468-8529 if you can’t figure out the letters. Our you can join our Discord and call from there.

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