Outlaw Conservative S01E017 – Disarm The Democrats

Outlaw Conservative

Another day, another addition to the Democrat death toll. No wonder these monsters want felons to be able to vote from prison. So many of their constituents reside there.

Devon Erickson, a registered Democrat who had expressed hatred for Christians, and attacked President Trump on social media, painted “F*** SOCIETY” on his car as he left his house for the final time. He got together with his transgender sidekick, and they walked into a suburban Denver school, armed to the teeth. The two allegedly had guns in a guitar case as they walked “deep” into the school, and finally set upon a classroom to unload those weapons into unsuspecting students.

At least one is dead and eight more were also shot.

Now ensues the familiar post shooting debate. Republicans will say we need mental

health programs, Democrats will say we need gun control. The libertarians will say we need more guns and less mental health care, so the stupid people will die off and we can become what Darwin intended more quickly, which everyone kinda knows is true, but we won’t do it anyway because nobody listens to the libertarians.

But the real solution to this problem is far simpler. We just have to accept that voting Democrat is a symptom of severe mental illness, and thus cross reference voter registration data with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). If somebody is a registered Democrat, they should be turned away for gun purchases and carry permits on account of their condition.

But who are we kidding? Democrats don’t obey laws anyway…

Perhaps we could also launch a Democrat gun buy back program from the private sector. Like, we could buy TV Commercials with me as the spokesperson. I could come out and tell the Democrats, “Hey, those guns are only making your home unsafe. Sell them to me, and I’ll be happy to put them to good use.”

Ah, but how many Hi Points can a guy own, right?


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