Outlaw Conservative S01E016 – May Day Barr & Grill

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Today is May 1st, which means, like every other day, the communists are feeling oppressed. The riots you’ll see take place over the course of today and tonight will be dubbed “May Day Demonstrations” but are more inspired by International Workers’ Day, a yearly celebration by pan Leftist groups throughout the world.

Leftists love to claim the mantle of solidarity with workers. This is sometimes confusing to those who are uninitiated, since communists are generally tax leeches who wouldn’t know work if you put them in a labor camp. Whether they are of the billionaire elite top level government favors type of tax leech, or that of the lowlife welfare recipient, what they have in common is a revulsion toward the very concept of being productive.

The celebration makes more sense when you come to understand them. Leftists celebrate “the worker” not because they are workers, but because workers provide them with the sustenance they require to continue their parasitism. If nobody worked, then there would be no taxes to collect, and without taxes to collect, there would be no food stamps or public housing for the lowlives, and no favors for the wealthy to purchase from the State.

To put things in perspective, Leftists celebrate “the worker” in a similar fashion to how ticks might celebrate deer, or fleas might celebrate dogs, if such creatures had the ability to wear masks and set coffee shops and limousines on fire.

Aside from their own aversion to productive efforts, their contempt for the hosts of their parasitism is displayed by the products of their advocacy.

Leftists scream incoherently for the raising of minimum wages. To hear them tell it, compelling employers to pay an ever increasing hourly rate for even the most menial of tasks, is some kind of economic panacea which will bring the whole of mankind to full employment and eternal prosperity.

Outwardly, it would appear lost on them that driving up the cost of labor to what in many cases becomes prohibitively expensive for entry level positions and unskilled workers, drives the push toward automation of those tasks, as machines become less expensive than human labor. They would feign ignorance of the fact, that this drives up unemployment, which itself puts downward pressure on wages. They pretend not to know, that this makes it nearly impossible for young people to enter the workforce, as employers show preference toward more experienced workers who can actually produce at the rate now prescribed by law.

Of course, none of this is lost on them. They know exactly what they are doing. Like everything else they advocate for, the goal is not the one they purport, but rather the polar opposite.

But fear not. When their minimum wage policies make it impossible for their countrymen to get a job, they simply advocate that the government guarantee everyone a job at the prescribed rate, or higher. That job might be to dig a ditch one day, and fill it in the next. It might be to go around preaching the wisdom of the prior failed policy. It might be to shuffle needless paperwork created by the increased regulatory burdens they likewise advocate. Whatever the case, it will not be productive, and will consequently be payed for by extracting resources from the productive efforts of… You guessed it, actual workers.

These patron saints of the worker likewise cheer loudly for a basic income guarantee, or as Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang calls it, the Freedom Dividend. This of course would be in addition to the public housing subsidies, food stamps, WIC checks, and other goodies already in existence for the unproductive. Their newest pushes include free health care, and free college, and by the next election, surely some other freebie will be up for auction to the greatest number of voters. These subsidies are of course to be provided regardless of employment, and even citizenship status, at the expense of, you guessed it, actual workers.

But nothing quite spells out their hostility toward the productive members of our society than their wanton lust for uncontrolled immigration. Nothing harms workers more than an abundance of surplus labor, especially that of the cheap variety. You don’t have to be an economist to understand this, and so their simultaneous “solidarity” with “workers” and illegal immigrants, displays not only a hostility towards the workers they claim to celebrate, but an insult to their intelligence.

Their labor and economic policies are like everything else about Left wing advocacy, based in wickedness and deception. They mean to make the worker as abused and miserable as possible, because they are foundationally driven by a hatred for humanity and all of its works. They express their solidarity with the worker, while making his life impossible. They simultaneously express contempt for the State, while ceaselessly advocating its reckless and perpetual expansion of powers both in scope and in territory, with the ultimate aim of a borderless world with a planetary government devoid of restraints on its power to coerce.

From there, we will all be workers, or rather, slaves, under the boot of a planetary empire. Your food, housing, medical care, and education will all be provided to you at no cost, the same way such life essentials were provided to the chattel of days long passed. You will have a job, whether you want one or not.

What you won’t have are choices, despite their professed devotion to the “pro choice” cause, which is just another euphemism to disguise their contempt for motherhood and the family. You will work, and you will have what you require to survive while doing so, but you will not have the option of rising above your station. You will never own the means of production, as they are now owned by “the collective” which is to say, the ruling class.

Through this, mankind will finally arrive at the equality they scream so loudly for. The man who cures cancer, and the woman who digs a ditch one day to fill it in the next, will have the same material resources, and the same grey, uniform, genderless, raceless, joyless existence.


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