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Last night, a dozen Democrats did their best impressions of CNN opinion hosts, competing for the chance to lose next year’s presidential election to Donald Trump. I watched every minute of the entire spectacle, and under normal circumstances, would consider it my professional obligation to provide some post debate analysis on today’s episode.

Today’s Democrat Party, however, does not warrant much in the way of analysis. The strategy being deployed has nothing to do with actual policy, and has instead dwindled to what may as well have been grunts and clicks, designed to appeal only to unthinking emotional responses. This exercise in non-reality will be the politics of our future, if immigration is not slowed, and American birthrates are not increased, but the Democrats have, much to their detriment, jumped the gun. The collective IQ of the Nation has not yet dropped so far as to warrant this sort of campaigning, and as a result, Donald Trump is all but guaranteed victory in 2020.

The smart people have already figured this out. Mark Zuckerberg, however countless his flaws, is a smart person.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Zuckerberg has been confidentially meeting with conservative personalities, including Tucker Carlson. This revelation has driven Leftists absolutely insane, resulting in, amongst other things, the hashtag #DeleteFacebook recently trending on Twitter.

Little is known about the contents of their talks, but one imagines it has a great deal to do with Left wing bias in the platform’s staffing and content moderation policies. Republicans have been pointing out that the immunity provisions of the Communications Decency Act, only exempt neutral platforms from lawsuits over content. If Facebook and other social media companies are going to be in the business of content moderation, this in fact makes them publishers, who thus ought to be held legally responsible for the content on their platforms. Seeing the law applied in this way would either put Facebook out of business, or cause them to dramatically alter the way they do business, in the blink of an eye.

It has become obvious that the Trump administration will do nothing to rectify this situation before next year’s election, and so far it has seemed that the search and social media platforms have placed all their eggs in the singular basket, of aiding a Democrat victory in 2020. This path is fraught with perils, for a number of reasons.

Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious senility is becoming quite a burden for media propagandists to cover up. Narrative guidance can only take a party so far in a world plagued by live television and social media, however rigorous the censorship. Adam Schiff’s sham Trump impeachment inquiry, is also having the unfortunate side effect of drawing attention to the high priced influence peddling of Biden’s son Hunter, and compelling the thinking voter to view Biden as the very incarnation of Washington corruption. The “woke” hostility towards while males, particularly older, heterosexual ones, does not play well with the rapacious radicalism of the most verbose elements of the Democrat base.

While the RealClearPolitics average of Democrat Primary polling currently still gives Biden a 6 point lead, Warren leads Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first caucus and primary states in the country, respectively. Success begets success, and it seems unlikely that Biden’s claim of electability would withstand two such substantial victories by Warren.

“The Squad” as they are known, far Left freshman Democrat members of the House, have endorsed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. While at first glance, this would seem to deprive the Warren’s sails of much needed wind, it also has the, perhaps intentional, effect of shielding Warren from accusations of being too extreme for voters in the general election. With Sanders well behind both Warren and Biden, trailing the latter by double digits, and given his recent heart attack, it seems unlikely the more forthcoming socialist is going to come within striking distance of the nomination. Once Sanders comprehends the futility of continuing, it is all but certain that he will put his weight behind Warren. From there, all future contents will be mere formalities, and Warren will have secured the nomination.

With Warren as the nominee, Big Tech will be met with the horrifying prospect of living up to their purported values. Warren has pledged to break up their monopolies, which would simultaneously devastate their financial prospects, and substantially increase the challenge of censoring the Internet. Warren is likely being profoundly disingenuous about this promise, but the Big Tech monopolists know all too well that policy is far less a concern than the direction of the National conversation. Even if Warren is bought off, and declines to break up Big Tech once elected, as one might safely bet, the thought police have very good reason to prevent such ideas from ever taking hold.

Suppressing one campaign promise of the Democrat nominee’s platform would border on impossible. To suppress the idea of breaking up their companies, they would have to suppress the candidate promoting the idea.

If Warren backtracks on the promise after winning the primary, it will harm her in the general.

Either move would help Trump.

If Trump secures a second term, and Republicans maintain their Senate majority, the impact on the judiciary will be so far reaching that few could fully comprehend the long term ramifications. Trump has already appointed a greater percentage of federal judges than any President since George Washington, and four more years of this practice would fundamentally reshape many of the lower courts. Ruth Bader Ginsburg keeps falling down and having cancer scares, making it appear unlikely that she will be capable of waiting out a Two Term Trump Presidency.  The Left’s fondness for kritarchy could thus soon backfire, leaving the lawfare battlefield solidly in favor of the Right, for the first time in recent memory.

If Zuckerberg has figured this out, one must imagine that other tech giants cannot be far behind. Those who are more interested in their continued success, than the approval of vocal transgender activists, will soon have to come to grips with the reality of our increasingly illiberal political landscape.



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On another note, have you tried the Brave Browser?

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