Radical Agenda S05E080 – Powering Up

Radical Agenda S05E080 - Powering Up

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda or Outlaw Conservative podcasts, you have likely heard by now that I have been planning to take a few weeks off from the live shows. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I can tell you about, and some of which I cannot. Those of you who have been with me through other moments when I needed some time off, have noted that when I came back from such breaks, I’ve come back stronger than ever.

I assure you, this will be no exception.

For the last few months, I’ve been taking a day off here and there to put out fires, and to invest time, effort, and resources, into some of the things I cannot talk about. Those investments have not yet paid off, and in the process I have spread myself way too thin. As a result, I have not tended to my own needs. This has impaired my ability to concentrate, and the challenges which I must focus on to prevail over, have snowballed to a point where I can no longer ignore them.

When speaking about this on air, I have mentioned a book I am working on. Actually, there is more than one book in the works. I am going to talk about that before the end of this post, but this is not the real reason I am taking the time off. If I did not have other demands on my attention, I could obviously work on these projects during the days I am not doing the shows.

Legal Matters

The most pressing concern before me right now is the lawsuit in which I am a defendant, stemming from the events of August of 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Unite the Right rally was a pivotal moment in American history, and though most people consider the matter quite settled, that battle in fact continues, in a federal court in the Western District of Virginia.

I would far prefer not to have this burden upon my shoulders, but in a certain sense, we should be grateful for this litigation. The public consciousness is saturated with media lies about the events of that weekend, and this lawsuit presents the first real opportunity we’ve had to expose the truth. This fact, I suspect, has much to do with the anonymous accounts which have been attacking me online. I have reason to suspect they have been hired by the Plaintiffs’ counsel, or are at least sympathetic to their goals. They are attacking my reputation, my ability to make money, and the few remaining platforms I have, from which I can be heard and earn money pay my bills, in part to diminish my ability to defend myself in this lawsuit.

So far, most of the legal proceedings regarding Unite the Right have been in criminal court. The life or death circumstances of those matters provides a strong incentive to plead guilty and avoid trial, as I did and some of the guys from the Rise Above Movement did. Other cases were thrown out due to the sheer unconstitutionality of the law’s application. The only cases that went to trial were in the Charlottesville City court, and those were nothing resembling real trials, owing to the blatant corruption of the institutions.

Since the Plaintiffs and their allies have relentlessly and dishonestly attacked my revenue streams, I was unable to pay my attorneys in the case. The Plaintiffs then began filing meritless motions against me with the court, and the work burden these created caused my attorneys to withdraw as counsel. I initially opposed the motion to withdraw, and simultaneously began familiarizing myself with the case to prepare for the prospect of defending myself. In the course of that preparation, I realized that my interests in the matter had not been well represented thus far, and concluded that this would not improve with time, even if the court ruled in my favor on the motion to withdraw.

So, I recently fired my attorneys, and am now a pro se defendant.

This case has been pending for over two years. We were supposed to go to trial in July of 2019, but since the Plaintiffs know they cannot win this meritless suit, they have made outrageous discovery demands, and used these to delay the trial as much as possible. Roberta Kaplan told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and other people shameless enough to interview her, that the whole entire point of the suit is to bankrupt us. They have no illusions about being able to collect, and their $10,000,000+ budget exists for little purpose besides causing us as much discomfort as possible, so as to dissuade others from joining our cause.

The tactic has been remarkably effective thus far, but come trial, it will backfire, badly.

The entire premise of their lawsuit is that we conspired to perpetrate the violence of that weekend. Thankfully, we have a ton of proof to the contrary. Most notably, my much talked about body camera video, which some have deceptively said was me “snitching” actually contains entirely exculpatory evidence. It shows that we went out of our way to cooperate with law enforcement in advance, and did our best to avoid violence.

Not only that, but the Plaintiffs have been in possession of this proof for a long time. I had previously left this entirely in the hands of my attorneys, and only bothered to read the complaint very recently. Upon familiarizing myself with this, I realized it was even more ridiculous than I had initially believed. The claims aren’t just false, they are so absurd as to render it implausible that the Plaintiffs themselves ever believed them. So when it comes time for us to present our case, not only are we going to win, but they are going to be exposed as total, shameless, unapologetic, frauds.

For us to achieve that outcome,  I will have to dedicate my attentions, and talents, to the case. Going back and forth between the character I play on Radical Agenda, to the character I play on Outlaw Conservative, and then going into lawyer mode for the case, is a very substantial challenge. I also need to familiarize myself with the laws and precedents involved in the case, which is a considerable research project, and distracts from the time I would normally spend preparing for each show. To do both, one would have to suffer at the other’s expense. I no more want to produce substandard content, than I want to lose an easily winnable lawsuit. So the show has to take a back seat while I get up to speed.

On the upside, this information is very useful for the books I am working on, and a lot of the writing that I use for filings in the case, can be copied and pasted into the the drafts I am working on for the books. The other upside is that I am realizing the courts are not impossible for a guy like me to navigate pro se, and I think it is long overdue that I start suing people who defame me online. Some of these cases are very clear cut, and I would likely never even have to enter a courtroom. So I want to get very well versed in case law surrounding this subject as well, and begin using the courts to fight back against the lies told about me, and our cause.

Once a couple of communists have to write me checks, you can bet they’ll be more careful with their slander.


Many of you have been suggesting for a long time that I write a book, and I have been contemplating doing so since my libertarian days. There have been numerous suggestions on what sort of book I should write. I have been of several minds with regard to this myself, and so I have been working on a few different drafts. I add a little to each one from time to time, depending on where my thinking happens to be in the spare time I’ve been able to dedicate to these projects.

Perhaps the most obvious would be a political or ideological work. I had started working on something like this while I was still so enthralled with libertarianism. I am today quite glad I never got around to publishing it, because I no longer wish to stand by those ideas. While I was in jail, you may have heard me remark about something I was working on titled “From Freedom to Fascism, and Back”, but even in that comparatively short time, my ideas have changed so dramatically, that I no longer wish to publish a political or ideological book.

Around the time of Andrew Anglin’s seeming mental breakdown and attacks on TheRightStuff.biz, I began a blog post in response which exceeded 11,000 words before I realized this was too complex a subject for that format. It also drew from prior experiences of mine to put things into perspective, some of which had already been spelled out in an older draft I had begun titled “The Beginning and End of the Radical Agenda”. In attempting to merge the two works, I found myself going through other posts of mine, to illustrate the ideological progression which led up to the present day, and in the process, came up with another idea entirely.

As it turns out, I’ve had a pretty interesting life. I had a thoroughly unenviable childhood, some extremely unique experiences during my education, adventures in the criminal justice system, a very active and tumultuous love life, and a very interesting professional career, all before I ever gave a damn about politics or ideology. Simultaneously, all of those experiences are what formed the basis of my worldview, which later lent itself to my political interests. What I am now working on is something of a cross between Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy, adapted of course, to my own experience.

To tell the story, I use not only my own original modern writing, but 13 years of emails, and almost 7 years of blog posts.

To include everything would make this a prohibitively long read for most people. My blog posts alone total nearly 3,000 pages, and of course I add anywhere from three to twenty pages a week to this with show descriptions alone. The conclusion I reached, however, was that I should write the entire, unabridged work, and produce several different books from that through the editing process.

Most notably, the communist riots in Charlottesville that form the basis of the lawsuit, is a story that must be told. A lot of what I know about that weekend, I have not been able to publish on my website due to a court order, but that prohibition ends in nine months, and there is nothing saying I cannot publish this information in a book.

I also have an alternative theory on the “foreign interference” in the 2016 election. I recently discussed this on two different episodes of the Radical Agenda, but need to elaborate on substantially.

Some have suggested publishing collections of blog posts as their own books, which is certainly a worthwhile suggestion. I also think it would be worth revisiting and revising some of my libertarian writing, to bring them them into alignment with information I was unaware of at the time.

I am working on all of these things simultaneously, as well as talking to printers and publishers, educating myself on the process of publishing a book, and trying to anticipate the unique challenges I will face, due to the relentless deplatforming efforts I’ve been dealing with.

If I play my cards right, this will result in some much needed income for me, and some much needed promotion for the show. Both of those will go a long way to helping us achieve our shared goals.

Other Websites

Another thing you’ve heard me talk about is other websites I have built. Some of those I can talk about, others I cannot.

Of the ones I can talk about, I’ve mentioned SaidTheJew.com, and BlacksHateFags.com. I can talk about them, because those will most likely get deplatformed eventually based on content alone.

But, they also can be promoted in other ways, which ChristopherCantwell.com and RadicalAgenda.com are less conducive to, such as fliers and stickers. If you go to those sites, you’ll notice that they have similar layouts. They both have the Radical Agendas Radio Network audio player embedded, and they collect email addresses much in the way ChristopherCantwell.com does.

Those sites are fun, and the content I produce for them can be used as Radical Agenda show prep. When I am not working on other things, I want to try and get a bit more content on those sites, and once we get back into regular production of the show, I mean to try and update them at least once a week. I also want to put together some easily printed material that can be downloaded and used by fans for promotion. Driving traffic to those sites will go a long way toward red pilling new people, and have the added benefit of introducing them to the Radical Agenda.

There are several other sites which I cannot talk about, because I would defeat the purpose by publicly connecting them to me. For now it must suffice to say that I am working on building a few websites which are nothing like the Radical Agenda, but after they have had some time to build their own audiences, will lead those audiences down a path which serves our shared goals. One is geared toward pop culture, one is geared toward “normie conservatives”, and others target specific search terms pertaining to subjects I would be better off not mentioning here.

Technical Stuff

There are several technical tasks I cannot talk about, but I’ll mention a couple that I can.

From my Amazon Wish List, one of you were kind enough to purchase a “Noise Gate” which I haven’t set up yet. The noise gate prevents sounds under a certain level from being recorded, so for example, when you are listening to the show and you hear me breathing, or you hear mouth sounds that are not speech, this is designed to eliminate that. I tried to get that thing working, but found it more complex than I had anticipated, and put setting it up on the back burner. I need to take some time to tinker with this, and get it just right. Once I do, this will dramatically improve the audio quality of the show, and reduce the editing burden for PennedAndPronounced.com work.

Also, those of you who watch the show on JoshWhoTV or BitChute may have become frustrated that I only play the audio of videos that I comment on during the show. This is due to a limitation of my current audio mixer, and the way I have the studio equipment set up. Right now, I cannot play the video to the video feed, and have the audio for that video go out to the audio feed/podcast recording without creating an echo or feedback loop, because all of those things are happening on the same computer, and my mixer only has a singular auxiliary output, which is currently being used to prevent callers from hearing their voices fed back to them. I now have a spare computer, and one of you bought a better mixer from my Amazon Wish List. I need to take some time to tinker with these, and once I do, I’ll come back with a dramatically improved video production.

The Comeback

If I tried to “complete” all of these things before I got back to regular production, I never would get back into regular production. So, rest assured, that is not the goal. I just need to take some time to dedicate my attentions to these tasks, and once I get my head around them, I can get back to regular production of the live call in shows.

I intend to take at least two weeks off from regular production, and I will set a maximum of eight weeks. During that time, I will be putting out some content, but I just won’t be doing regularly scheduled live call in shows.

Stay tuned into my Email List, Telegram Channel, and RSS Feed, for regular updates, as I will hardly be quiet during this time.

If you think you can help with any portion of this, send me an email.

If you would like to help finance this work, you can do so with cryptocurrency at https://ChristopherCantwell.com/donate or you can mail payments to;

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street Unit 187
Keene, NH 03431

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