Outlaw Conservative S01E010 – Endurance

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Since we last spoke, the mob came for Tucker Carlson, again. They thought they finally had him, too. Media Matters released audio of the cable news host from back in the day, when he was a guest on a comedic radio show called Bubba the Love Sponge. His thoughtcrimes included suggesting that women preferred strong men and that Iraqis were not quite up to the intellectual standards we in the West have become accustomed to having as neighbors.

Lesser men would have folded, for sure. “It was a joke!” or “It was a different time!” or any number of other weaselly backpedaling comments could surely have been expected, and perhaps even forgiven. “Locker room talk” comes to mind.

But not Tucker. He gets it. What makes him more dangerous to the Left than any other single thing is that he understands their long game. Those who apologize today, will be paralyzed tomorrow, because the goal of the mob is not redemption, but submission. One who can be made to bow to their whims will invariably be conscripted into their service, and Tucker simply will not permit this to happen to him under any circumstances.

He cares too deeply. One can see in his eyes, and hear in his voice, that he would sooner be made the martyr of righteousness, than the vassal of the wicked. If more men had that quality of character, Leftism would be an obscure joke.

Sadly, too few have this quality about them. As a result, Leftism is not an obscure joke, but an existential threat. As Tucker put it “They’re too busy pushing late term abortion, and cross dressing on fifth graders. These are the people who write our movies, and our sitcoms. They are not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be, when it’s useful.”

We have some pretty solid evidence as to the staggering lack of value to be gained by capitulation. The President of the United States is a prime example. The strength and fortitude he displayed during the Republican primary was enough to carry him through the weakness his advisors convinced him to display during the general election, but with each strategic retreat his power level waned. Eventually his agenda was completely subverted, his closest associates, and most ardent supporters, were indicted, and some were thrown in prison. His party lost the House of Representatives, and if he manages to be elected to a second term, it will be entirely due to the absolute insanity of the Democrat Party, as opposed to any quality of his leadership.

Moreover, should we be so fortunate as to hold Democrat rule off for another four years, it will only serve to purchase time. All hope of redeeming the United States has been lost, thanks to the capitulation of prior Republican administrations. The anxiety brought about by the screams of the mob makes even the most courageous men break, and democracy does not give us the most courageous rulers, sadly.

I know from experience that overwhelming desire to make it stop. That “live to fight another day” sense of urgency can be overpowering. Indeed, one must live to fight another day if vanquishing the enemy before sundown is not on the list of options, but at what point does one cross the line from the purchase of time, to the forfeit of the conflict?

That is a difficult line to walk indeed, and straddling it is a talent we would all do well to learn. I’ve spent much of my life disgusted at the cowardice of my fellow man, and the more I learned about the ways of the world, the more disgusted I became.

That disgust caused me to make the exact opposite error. I think a lot of us did. “Optics? Ha! Check out my firearms collection, sissy!” – “You think you can shut me up with threats of imprisonment? Check out this bowlcut meme!”

We had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going full disavow here. But what I find so fascinating and admirable about Tucker Carlson is his skillful navigation of this treacherous course. He has the guts to refuse to apologize or capitulate, with the simultaneous good sense to keep his criticisms pointed at the people who “write our movies, and our sitcoms” or “permanent Washington” or the “foreign policy establishment” without breaking the ultimate political taboo and losing his position as a result.

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